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As part of a Virginia Studies curriculum, students are required to...[more]

Virginia Leaders’ Impact on America’s Founding

My fourth grade students are just beginning their study of the American...[more]

Role of Virginians in the Founding of the New Nation

In this unit, students will discover what contributions George...[more]

Nat Turner’s Revolt and Its Effects

The students have spent the year learning about Virginia. The units...[more]

A Look at Virginians During Reconstruction

In this lesson students will examine how governmental actions...[more]

The Coming of the Civil War in Virginia

This unit picks up Virginia Studies in the mid 1800s, following the...[more]

Resistance to Jim Crow in Virginia

In this unit students will learn how the rights of a significant...[more]



The Causes of The American Revolution

The American Revolution is the foundation to all of U. S. history. By...[more]

The Progressive Movement - What Was Its Impact?

This unit will ask students to explore the impact of the Progressive...[more]

Voices of the Great Depression

Students will have completed the initial section of the Great...[more]

American Settlement of the Great Plains

This unit will cover the growth of the American West following the...[more]


High School

The Gettysburg Address: An American Treasure

Students will find evidence of the development of the ideas...[more]

The Civil War Experience

Students will have been following the development of the nation as it...[more]

The West: Won or Lost?

This elective course, The History and Sociology of Social Injustice,...[more]

The Progressives

This mini unit will have the students explore the Progressives in US...[more]

The Jim Crow Era

The students will use a variety of websites to explore the Jim Crow Era...[more]

The Making of Modern America (Part 1): 1945-1975

In this unit 11th grade AP U.S. History students will explore the...[more]