Schedule for 2004-2005, Cohort 1

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  • April 28: Opening event, Gunston Hall
    • Tour home
    • View and discuss primary sources
    • Ira Berlin speaks on slavery and emancipation
    • Teachers receive books for summer workshop: The New American History, edited by Eric Foner, and Portraits of America, volumes 1 and 2, edited by Stephen Oates and Charles Errico, Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts, Sam Wineburg, as well as the books for the book groups.
      • Assignment: Read articles and primary documents on slavery & emanicipation prior to the workshop.
  • April 30: Post reflections about the workshop on the online forum


  • Read A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812
  • May 29: Post reflection (of 1 to 2 pages) on A Midwife's Tale on the forum


  • June 2: Book discussion groups meet with NVCC Professor Charles Errico and Project Coordinator Linda Driscoll at the Burke Media Center (pizza and drinks provided)
  • Teachers read essays from The New American History and Portraits of America in preparation for the summer institute


  • Summer Institute

    will take place at NVCC Alexandria campus from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday (free parking and lunch are provided)
  • July 12:
    • Linda Driscoll, Project Coordinator, will introduce the requirements for receiving three graduate credits from GMU, which includes writing a lesson plan and a curriculum unit that will contain classroom materials, teacher resources organized around a content theme, primary sources, and engaging teacher strategies.
    • “Production of Historical Knowledge,” with GMU Professor T. Mills Kelly
    • Production of Historical Knowledge Workshop Website
    • “Constitution and Early Republic” with GMU Professor Rosemarie Zagarri
    • Readings:
      1. “Models of Wisdom in the Teaching of History,” by Sam Wineburg with Suzanne M. Wilson. (This reading is located in Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts, Chapter 7.)
      2. “’Ourselves and Our Daughters Forever’: Women and the Constitution, 1787-1876,” by Linda K. Kerber, from One Woman, One Vote: Rediscovering the Women’s Suffrage Movement, ed. Marjorie Spruill Wheeler.
  • July 13:
  • July 14:
    • “Civil War and Reconstruction” with GMU Professor Jane Censer
    • Links Discussed in the Civil War Workshop
    • “Interwar Years” with GMU Professor Michael O'Malley
    • Readings:
      1. The Holy Cause of Liberty and Independence, and The Best Government on Gods Footstool, from What They Fought For: 1861-1865 by James McPherson.
      2. Henry Ford: Symbol of an Age, by Roderick Nash and Flapper, Freudians, and All That Jazz, by Sara M. Evans. (These 2 readings are located in Portrait of America, Volume 2, Chapters 14 and 15.)
      3. “America Since 1945,” by William H. Chafe. (This reading is located in The New American History, Chapter 7.)
  • July 15:
    • “Civil Rights” with GMU Professor Suzanne Smith
    • “Cold War America” with NVCC Professor Charles Errico
    • Readings:
      1. “A Marble House Divided: The Lincoln Memorial, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Politics of Memory, 1939-1963,” by Scott A. Sandage, from The Journal of American History, Vol. 80, No. 1(Jun., 1993), 135-137.
      2. “I Have Never Been a Quitter’: A Portrait of Richard Nixon,” by Otto Friederich and “Harry Truman: ‘One Tough Son-of-a-Bitch of a Man’”, by David McCullough. (These 2 readings are located in Portrait of America, Volume 2, Chapters 27 and 22.)
  • July 16:
    • National Archives Site Visit (bus from NVCC)
    • Readings: There are no readings assigned for this day.
  • During and after Summer Institute teachers will:
    • Write response paper to workshops, post on website, and respond to other postings
    • Begin to conduct primary research, communicate with scholars, and write lesson plans based on Summer Institute content
    • Participate in online discussions with cohort teachers, master teachers, and project director
  • July 21: Post reflections on the seminar on online forum



  • September: Read April 1865: the Month that Saved America
  • September 24: Post reflections on April 1685 on online forum
  • September 29: 4:15pm-6pm, book discussion groups meet at Burke Media Center with NVCC Professor Charles Errico and Project Coordinator Linda Driscoll (sandwiches and drinks provided)
  • September: Read Stories of Scottsboro and readings assigned for the October workshop




  • January 12: Workshop at the Black History Resource Center (all day)
  • January 14: Post reflections on the January workshop on the online forum
  • January: Read an American Requium



  • March 11: Draft of Curriculum Unit due
  • March 16: (all day) Smithsonian NMAH Site Visit (Metro)
  • March 18: Post reflections on wokshop on the online forum and receive reading assingees for Lyceum workshop


  • April 6: Lyceum workshop
  • April 8: Post reflections on the workshop on the online forum
  • April 12: Final draft of curriculum unit due
  • April 27: Gadsby's Tavern (all day event)
    • Closing reception for the first year cohort
    • Present extended curriculum unit