The following settings are recommended for your browser in order to make this site perform well. You can download the latest browsers and QuickTime below.

We have not provided many navigation buttons within the project. Please use your browser navigation tools to move around, especially the "GO" menu which can show you the history of your movement through the site. External links will open in a separate window which you can leave open when you go back to your main window (use the WINDOW menu to select it if you can't see it). Internal links open in another separate window. The dream database opens in yet another window and can be left open also without fear of it being replaced.

Please make you browser screen at least 600 pixels wide (unless you only have a 14" monitor and then you may have to scroll on some pages).

You may have to allocate more memory to the browser to play the audio and video files. Netscape 4.5 has a minimum suggested of 14950K (14.9Mb) but does not do well at this setting. If you stick with Netscape, allocate at least 24Mb (24000K) to it. Netsacpe may not play the sounds even with the increased memory. Internet Explorer, on the other hand, requires minimally only 6531K (6.3Mb) and works with that. If you increase the memory allocated to it to 12000K or 15000K it works even better. All the sounds play and the movies play better. Clearly the choice for now is Internet Explorer, especially if you do not have a lot of memory. In addition, allocate at least 8000K (8Mb) to Movieplayer which is a component of Quicktime. This will enable the movies to play without crashing your machine. Apple's Safari browser has not yet been tested.

Turn your sound on or your speakers on so that you can hear Arnold's comments throughout the project. If you do not hear Arnold talking to you on each page, see above.

You will need QuickTime 5.0 or above to run the movies and the QTVR in this project. Since it is free and it is also useful for many other sites, you should download it before you start. It is a large file so please give yourself enough time to retrieve and install it. Be sure to plus the QuickTime 2.0 extension into you web browser plug-in folder (this is in addition to having QuickTime 5.0 installed on your system; it is confusing that they have different numbers but if you do not install each in the correct place, QuickTime will not work).

We recommend Netscape 4.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. Again, each of these is free and can be downloaded but require some time to do so. If you use a Macitosh, you might want to check out the new features in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher for the Mac. I have never been an IE fan but this is a good application (finally) for Mac users.


Download Quicktime for either Macs or PCs in order to make the videos and QTVR work.

Download Internet Explorer for the Macintosh

Download other versions of Internet Explorer for Mac or PC

Download Netscape