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Objects in Object Type: Link

  1. CIPP website: [view details]
    Main website of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Program (CIPP) at George Mason University ...
  2. ECHO website: [view details]
    Based at George Mason University (GMU) in the Center for History and New Media (CHNM). Multiple ...
  3. Government Printing Office website [view details]
    Main website of the Government Printing Office (GPO), the official printer of the federal ...
  4. Information Analysis and Infrastructure ... [view details]
    Website of the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate of the Department of ...
  5. Main website of National Academies: ... [view details]
    Main website of the National Academies, advisors to the President and federal government. Includes ...
  6. National Infrastructure Institute Center for ... [view details]
    Website including on online library hosted by the University of New Hampshire. "This library, ...
  7. Office of Technology Assessment [view details]
    Archived collection of official reports issued by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) between ...
  8. U.S. House of Representatives website [view details]
    Main website of the U.S. House of Representatives. Several House committees deal with aspects of ...
  9. U.S. Senate website [view details]
    Main website of the U.S. Senate. Several Senate committees deal with the issues related to ...

Object Types

  1. Abstract [view objects]
    Provides a synthesis of the participant transcript, available to the public
  2. Biography [view objects]
    Provides professional background on all participants
  3. Book [view objects]
  4. Interview [view objects]
  5. Link [view objects]
  6. Periodical [view objects]
  7. Presentation [view objects]
  8. Public Document [view objects]
    This object type includes all government publications.
  9. Report [view objects]
    This is a report object type, which include studies and white papers, private sector only.