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  1. America's National Critical Infrastructure ... [view details]
    Paper by Stephen J. Werner, Class of 2000, National War College, National Defense University. ...
  2. America--Still Unprepared, Still in Danger: ... [view details]
    Report of the Task Force. Gary Hart and Warren B. Rudman,Co-Chairs. Stephen E. Flynn, Project ...
  3. Assessing the Risks of Cyber Terrorism, Cyber War ... [view details]
    Brief report by James A. Lewis. Center for Strategic and International Studies. December 2002. 12 ...
  4. Beyond the Industrial Web: Economic Synergies and ... [view details]
    Thesis by Steven M. Rinaldi, Major, USAF, presented to the faculty of the School of Advanced ...
  5. Chemical/Biological/Radiological Incident ... [view details]
    Update of 1995 handbook created by the Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBRN) Subcommittee, ...
  6. Creating a Trusted Network for Homeland Security [view details]
    Creating a Trusted Network for Homeland Security. Second report of the Markle Foundation Task ...
  7. Critical Foundations: Protecting America's ... [view details]
    Overview by President's Commission on Criticial Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) Robert T. Marsh ...
  8. Critical Foundations: Protecting America's ... [view details]
    Overview by President's Commission on Criticial Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) Robert T. Marsh ...
  9. Critical Infrastructure Protection and the ... [view details]
    Report by the Electronic Privacy Information Center. Published 1998. 65 pp.
  10. Evaluating the Security of the Global ... [view details]
    Technical report by RAND Corporation. Authors: Henry H. Willis, David S. Ortiz. 2004. 49 pp.
  11. Homeland Security: A Compendium of Public and ... [view details]
    White paper by RAND, National Security Division, titled Homeland Security: A Compendium of ...
  12. Information Technology Capstone (Management ... [view details]
    Paper by Alan Gunnerson, student at the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management, Summer ...
  13. Mapping the Risks: Assessing the Homeland ... [view details]
    Report prepared by the National Defense Research Institute, RAND Corporation, for the National ...
  14. Mobilization of the National Economy in the Face ... [view details]
    Class paper for the Economic Mobilization course, 1954-55, of the Industrial College of the Armed ...
  15. Protecting America's Freedom in the Information ... [view details]
    Report by the Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age. October ...
  16. Protecting Commercial Aviation Against the ... [view details]
    Report by RAND Corporation. Authors: James Chow, James Chiesa, Paul Dreyer, Mel Eisman, Theodore ...
  17. Protecting the American Homeland: A Preliminary ... [view details]
    Report by Brookings Institution. 2002. 182 pp.
  18. Renewing America's Infrastructure: A Citizen's ... [view details]
    Report by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). 2001. 25 pp.
  19. Securing Oil and Natural Gas Infrastructures in ... [view details]
    Report by the National Petroleum Council. June 2001. 100 pp.
  20. Sharing the Knowledge: Government-Private Sector ... [view details]
    Paper by Steven M. Rinaldi, INSS Occasional Paper 33, Information Operations Series, USAF ...
  21. Silent Vector: Issues of Concern and Policy ... [view details]
    Report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, D.C. September ...
  22. Silent Vector: Post Exercise Overview [view details]
    Brief overview of the Silent Vector exercise conducted at Andrews Air Force Base October 17-18, ...
  23. The Cyber-Posture of the National Information ... [view details]
    Report by Willis H. Ware, RAND Corporation. Undated.
  24. Understanding SCADA System Security ... [view details]
    Brief white paper by Riptech, Inc., on common misperceptions of SCADA system weaknesses. January ...
  25. Who’s on First? A Strategy for Protecting ... [view details]
    Talking points. Alane Kochems. Heritage Foundation. May 9, 2005. 7 pp.
  26. Working Group II: Building an Effective, ... [view details]
    Report by Markle Foundation Task Force Working Group II. December 2003. 13 pp. Co-chairs of ...
  27. Workshop on Protecting and Assuring Critical ... [view details]
    Report of workshop held February 26-27, 1998. Sponsors: Center for International Security and Arms ...

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    Provides a synthesis of the participant transcript, available to the public
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    Provides professional background on all participants
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