Gender Perspectives on the Thomas Confirmation Hearings

There are many questions to consider as you read the sources both on the main page for this unit and in the related links section below.


In terms of gender politics:

1) What does the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas controversy teach us about women in the workplace? Do women face unique challenges that men do not? How should sexual harassment be defined and should there be a statute of limitations as to when accusations can be made?

2) What did the Senate Hearings teach the American public about the representation of women in Congress? What is the history of women in politics? Why are so few women elected to high government offices? Why was 1992 called the "Year of the Woman" and how did the Anita Hill case contribute to this phenomenon?

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The Year of the Woman

Six Years Later: Emily's list takes a look back on the Thomas hearings and muses on what this means for women in Congress.

The Year of the Woman: An article by Emily's List president Emily Malcom. Discusses the significance of the "gender gap" and includes a chart which shows number or men and women voting.

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