Arguments for Confiscation
George Clemenceau
J. McKaye
Abolitionist Wendell Phillips
General Rufus Saxton
Radical Republican Thaddeus Stevens

African Americans argue for land
Francis Cardozo
Frederick Douglass
Melton Linton
Louisiana Freedmen
The National Freedmen
Baley Wyat

Negative Reactions
Debow's Review on Chinese Labor
Debow's Review on European Labor
Debow's Review on the Radicals
William Finck (D-Ohio)
Mississippi "Black Code"
William Mungen (D-Ohio)
The New York Times (A)
The New York Times (B)
The New York Times (C)
Samuel Thomas
Colonel Whittlesey

The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen
and Abandoned Lands

DuBois' History of the Bureau
Freedmen's Bureau, VA
"Freedmen's Bureau"
Harper's Weekly
New Orleans Tribune

Key Events in Reconstruction
Reconstruction Timeline

The Sea Islands--An Experiment
in Land Redistribution

The Sea Islands

A New Labor System--Contract
and Sharecropping
Henry Blake
Sharecropping Contract

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