Vietnam Online Assignment


Begin with The Vietnam war and the Tragedy of Containment, an electronic lecture on the Vietnam War. The lecture gives a specific historical account of the war, an historian's interpretation of the facts. After you've read the lecture, read some of the personal recollections of the war collected at the sites listed to the right, and compare ordinary people's memories of the war with the lecture. Do they contradict the lecture? Do they give a different slant on things, or change your mind in any way?

When you are finished, take this quiz to test your knowledge of the war for the final exam.


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The Vietnam War and the Tragedy of Containment
an electronic lecture by Michael O'Malley

Walking Point
Assembled as part of the "Vietnam Veterans Home Page." Includes a set of recollections by soldiers.

Personal Narratives at the Vietnam War Internet Project

Vietnam reflections, part of a PBS special on the war