Dien Bien Phu was...

A) The nationalist leader of North Vietnam

B) A French garrison, captured in 1954

C) The Vietnamese name for American forces

The US policy of "containment" stressed:

A) Keeping the US out of foreign wars

B)Preventing the establishment of any new communist nations

C) High security at nuclear weapons sites

Ho Chi Mihn was:

A) A communist, allied with the Soviet Union

B) A nationalist, interested mostly in Vietnamese independence

C) Both of these

At the 1954 Geneva Conference, Vietnam was

A)Declared a free and independent nation

B) Condemned by the US for communist influence

C)Divided into two different nations

Ngo Dinh Diem was:

A)Ho Chi Mihn's main rival for power.

B)The leader of South Vietnam installed by the US

C)A popular symbol of Vietnamese culture

At My Lai:

A) US forces stopped a surprise North Vietnamese attack

B)North Vietnamese guerilla fighters concealed themselves from American satellites

C)American soldiers killed more than 100 Vietnamese civilians

At the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964

A) American ships were reportedly attacked

B) French and American leaders agreed to an independent republic

C)The US surrendered

The NLF was

A)The Northern Liberation Force, a special squadron of South Vietnamese freedom fighters

B) The National League of Freedom, a student-led protest movement

C)The National Liberation Front

Who were the Viet Cong?

A)The allies of the United States

B)NLF (National Liberation Front) forces

C)The soldiers of the DRV

On their return to the US, American veterans were spat upon by protesters.