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A Note on the Surroundings…

It’s worth mentioning up front that most of the bloggy goodness you see here is courtesy of Jeremy Boggs – he and I have been hacking up a Wordpress extension that handles the general business of setting up a course website, and while the division of labor has been pretty even on the guts of the thing, the actual template design you see here is almost entirely his. Any compliments should be thrown his way, and any complaints mine…

One Response to “A Note on the Surroundings…”

  1. Bill Andrews Says:

    The site looks great, here are a couple of questions:
    Once you set up a template like this, can others copy it and use it to host other courses? (this can wait till class next week)
    Second question on layout: did you mean for “upcoming block” to ride at the bottom of the page or go up top?