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Rosenzweig on Wikipedia…

Interesting follow-on to yesterday’s discussion:

Roy Rosenzweig’s recent article in the Journal of American History, Can History be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past, seems to be having a powerful effect in turning the tide of academic opinion. Several posters suggested the article to naysayers. Said one, “Rosenzweig convinced me of the importance of this entity, which I had been trying unsuccessfully to ignore.”

One Response to “Rosenzweig on Wikipedia…”

  1. Dieter Stenger Says:

    I sensed a great deal of negativity from the class as it related to the use of Wikipedia. Roy Rosenzweig is definately an advocate of the media, having challenged us all to go in and correct any entries that might be wrong. Does mankind deserve such a profound service from individuals who have poured their hearts and minds into a given topic? I think most non-History 696: Clio Wired folks, such as Rosenzweig and Greenberg, would welcome your labor of love with open arms. I am pro-wikipedia too, but when the rubber hits the road, if someone were to ask me to submit my history project that I have been working on for the last five years, I would have to decline the invitation!