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Project Presentations

So, we need to schedule final project presentations: I’m figuring that we’ve got 7 slots on November 28th, and 10 slots on Dec. 5th. In the great tradition of calling shotgun on long car rides, use the comment thread below to claim a spot on whatever day you prefer (if you’ve got a particular need for one day over another, explain below or in a separate e-mail, and I’ll adjust accordingly).

Remember, these are by no means expected to be final presentations, and so I’d encourage you to consider the benefits of presenting earlier rather than later…

13 Responses to “Project Presentations”

  1. Gwen White Says:

    First choice for presentation – November 28

  2. Billy Wade Says:

    My first choice for my presentation is Dec. 5th.

  3. Jenny Reeder Says:

    I’ll take November 28. This is a 10-15 minute presentation, right? I look forward to the feedback.

  4. Bill Andrews Says:

    I’m a volunteer for the 28th.


  5. James Garber Says:

    I’ll take December 5th. As far as I’m concerned, there are few benefits of going early!

  6. Thomas Jenkins Says:

    My choice is Dec. 5th.

  7. SaS Says:

    I’d like to go on the latter date, Dec. 5th since I seem to be a little behind in the formulation process than most folks.

  8. Jennifer Levasseur Says:

    I’d like a slot on Nov. 28.

  9. Misha Griffith Says:

    I’ll take a December 5th spot. My fireworks are slow in coming.

  10. Amanda Bennett Says:

    I would like to present on the 5th if that’s ok.

  11. Jeff Bowers Says:

    I’ll take a December 5th slot. Thanks for the extra time.

  12. John Lillard Says:

    I wil be on travel on the 28th, so I’ll take the 5th. Maybe I should rephrase that…

  13. Dieter Stenger Says:

    I will go 28 Nov