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Presentation schedule

Based on requests in the previous thread, here’s the current schedule for project presentations. If you’re not on here, leave a comment on this post with your request and I’ll update the list.

November 28th

  • Gwen White
  • Jenny Reeder
  • Bill Andrews
  • Jennifer Levasseur
  • Dieter Stenger
  • Alan Walker
  • Thomas Jenkins

    December 5th

  • Billy Wade
  • James Garber
  • Thomas Jenkins
  • Steven Scott
  • Misha Griffith
  • Amanda Bennett
  • Jeff Bowers
  • John Lillard
  • Karin Hill
  • Tad Suiter

2 Responses to “Presentation schedule”

  1. Karin Says:

    Can I have the 5th please? Thanks!

  2. tad Says:

    could I get the fifth as well? Looks like there’s one slot left…