Digital Campus Podcast: Back to the Future of Digital Humanities

This past Friday, I co-produced a Digital Campus Podcast with help from my digital history mentor and second-year Digital History Fellow at the Center, Anne Ladyem McDivitt. Stephen Robertson hosted, and Dan Cohen, Amanda French, Mills Kelly, and Tom Scheinfeldt joined the discussion. Of particular interest to me was their debate about the use of Twitter as an academic outlet, how it has evolved, and the possibilities for the future. Will the academic community return to blogging or will Tumblr be the go-to platform?

Digital Campus Episode #106 – Back to the Future of Digital Humanities

2 thoughts on “Digital Campus Podcast: Back to the Future of Digital Humanities

  1. What do you feel like you earned from this experience? Did you gain a different perspective from listening to the podcast than what you have been learning in class? Did it complement your scholarship?

  2. It was helpful to be able to take part in every step of the process to see how it all came together in the end. Apart from listening to the podcast, I most enjoyed selecting articles from various tech sites. That was, and will continue to be, helpful in keeping me abreast of emerging trends in the technology world. When aggregating the articles it was interesting to see which topics were getting the most news coverage for the week. As for listening to the podcast, I personally found the discussion about Twitter to be highly pertinent, since we’ve been discussing our online presence in Clio 1 and how Twitter is the “platform of the moment” for digital humanities scholars.

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