History 409
The United States, 1919-1941
Michael O'Malley
Fall 1997

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Required Readings(all at University Bookstore, Johnson Center)
Langston Hughes, The Ways of White Folks
Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt
Robert McElvaine, The Great Depression
William Stott, Documentary Expression and Thirties America
David Stowe, Swing Changes
Studs Terkel, Hard Times

short (2-3 page) paper, 20%
Midterm, 30%
Final Paper (10-12 pages) 35%
Class Participation, 15%


Tuesday, Aug 26
Thursday, Aug. 28
WWI and the Crusade for Conformity

Tuesday Sept. 2
1919: A Troubled Year

Thursday, Sept. 4
The Palmer Raids

Tuesday, Sept . 9

Thursday, Sept. 11

The Klan Rides Again

Tuesday Sept. 16
Fundamentalism and Modernity
Thursday, Sept. 18
An introduction to the course on line

Tuesday Sept. 23
The Scopes Trial
Thursday, Sept. 25
Discuss Lewis, Babbitt

Tuesday, Sept. 30
The Rise of Radio
Thursday, Oct. 2
The Lone Eagle

Tuesday Oct. 7
Movie, The Jazz Singer
Thursday, Oct. 9
Discuss Hughes, The Ways of White Folks. Short papers due in class!!

Columbus day

Thursday, Oct. 16

Tuesday Oct. 21
The Crash
Thursday, Oct. 23
The Great Depression (read McIlvaine, pages TBA)

Tuesday, Oct. 28

Thursday, Oct. 30

A New Deal?

Tuesday, Nov. 4
The Dust Bowl
Thursday, Nov. 6
Alphabet Soup

Tuesday Nov. 11
Discuss Stott, Documentary Expression and Thirties America
Thursday. Nov. 13
FDR under fire

Tuesday, Nov. 18

Thursday, Nov. 20
The Swing Era

Tuesday, Nov. 25
Discuss Stowe, Swing Changes

Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, Dec. 2
The Zoot Suit
Thursday, Dec. 4
The Eve of War