Every Man A King

Like Roosevelt, Huey Long was a master of radio. He also saw the political possibilities of other popular media. In 1935 he teamed up with Louisiana State University band director Castro Carrazo to write a song about sharing the nation's wealth. The video clip accompanying this page shows Long and Carrazo singing the tune.


Long announced that if he ran for president "Every Man a King" would be one of his campaign songs, and he arranged to have it recorded for presentation on a national newsreel service by a well known band, Ina Ray Hutton and Her All-Girl Orchestra.

Lyrics below
Why weep or slumber America
Land of brave and true
With castles and clothing and food
for all
All belongs to you
Ev'ry man a King, ev'ry man a King
For you can be a millionaire
But there's something belonging to others
There's enough for all people to share
When it's sunny June and December too
Or in the Winter time or Spring
There'll be peace without end
Ev'ry neighbor a friend
With ev'ry man a King