Old Hickory

August 30 through September 10

Monday, Aug. 30, Introduction to the course
Wednesday, Sept 1, Jackson's rise to fame
Friday, Sept 3, Jacksonian Politics

Monday, Sept. 6, No Class
Wednesday, Sept. 8 Slavery and Expansionism
Friday, Sept. 10, Jackson and the Bank (Come to class having read Ward and the Veto Message)

Jackson's presidency redefined American politics--for the first time, someone other than a "gentleman" occupied the White House.

Jackson rose from humble origins on the strength of military ruthlessness, genuine personal courage, strong will and the help of wealthy allies.

You should be reading Ward, Andrew Jackson: Symbol for an Age

An engraving of Jackson, as Indian fighter, about 1820. After a portrait by Thomas Sully.

Jackson did more than any other man to eliminate native Americans from the territory east of the Mississippi.

Engraving of Jackson as President, 1860

The following links offer some resources on Jackson.

A good web biography of Jackson

A General Reference on Jackson

Jackson vetoes the Bank recharter

"Tales of the Early Republic," an eccentric set of links on Jackson and Jacksonian America