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List of Commemorative Books (1901-1943)

Bancroft, William Dixon, McKinley, Garfield, Lincoln (Chicago: United States Newspaper Syndicate, 1901)

Beck, James Montgomery, The Memory of McKinley (1908)

Beets, Henry, Het Leven Van William McKinley, vijf en Twintegste President der Vereenigde Staten van Noord Amerika (Holland, MI: H. Holkeboer, 1901)

Benedict, Charles Everett, William McKinley, Character Sketches of America's Martyred Chieftain (New York: Blanchard Press, 1901)

Brush, Louis H., The McKinley Album (Salem, OH: Salem Label Co., 1938)

Butterworth, Hezekiah, The Young McKinley (New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1905)

Channing, Walter, The Mental Status of Czolgosz, the Assassin of President McKinley (Baltimore, 1902)

Coulter, John, Our Martyr Presidents (Chicago: Memorial Publishing House, 1901)

De Vita, Stephen, The Apotheosis of William McKinley (Philadelphia: De Vita, 1904)

Devital, Stephen, The Greatest Symbols by my Mother's Spirit (Columbus, OH: F.J. Heer Printing Co., 1914)

Davis, Oscar King, The Life of William McKinley (New York: P.F. Collier & Son, 1901)

Ellis, Edward Sylvester, The Life of William McKinley (New York: Street & Smith, 1901)

Ellis, Edward Sylvester, From Tent to White House; Or How a Poor Boy Became President (Philadelphia: David McKay, 1901)

Everett, Marshall, The Complete Life of William McKinley (Chicago: Chicago Bible House, 1901)

Fallows, Samuel, Life of William McKinley (Chicago: Regan Publishing House, 1901)

Foraker, Joseph Benson, Tributes to Wm. McKinley: Newspaper Reports of Speeches Delivered at State and National Conventions (Cincinatti, 1901)

Grosvenor, Charles Henry, William McKinley, His Life and Work (Washington: The Continental Assembly, 1901)

Halstead, Murat, en Skildring af hans oerefulde liv (Chicago: J. Anderson Pub., 1901)

Halstead, Murat, The Illustrious Life of William McKinley (Chicago, 1901; also Troy, OH: Union Publishing Co., 1901)

Halstead, Murat, Life and Distinguished Services of William McKinley [Memorial Edition] (Chicago: Memorial Association, 1901)

Halstead, Murat, Vor Martyr-praesident: William McKinley berommelige livshistori (Chicago: W. Williamson, 1901)

Harris, Andrew L., Memories of McKinley (Cleveland, 1907)

Hart, Philip, "The Home and Religious Life of William McKinley," Home Quarterly Vol. 21 (1921) pp. 167-69

Hartzell, Frederic S., The Nation's Memorial to William McKinley (Canton, OH: McKinley National Memorial Association, 1913 (1st ed.), 1929 (2nd ed.)

Heroic Life of William McKinley, Our Third Martyr President (Boston: De Wolfe, Fiske & Co., 1902)

Historical Society of America, A Memorial Volume of American History: McKinley and Men of Our Times (Historical Society of America, 1901)

Jones, Alice Danner, A McKinley Romance (Akron, OH: Saalfield Publishing Co., 1901)

Kuhns, William T., Memories of Old Canton and my Personal Recollections of William McKinley (Canton, OH: Kuhns, 1937)

MacDonald, Carlos Frederick, "The Trial, Execution, Autopsy, and Mental Status of Leon F. Czolgosz," Medical News, Jan. 4, 1902

McBride, Emly Raymond, The Story of William McKinley (Dansville, NY: F.A. Owen Publishing Co., 1909)

McClure, Alexander K., The Authentic Life of William McKinley (Philadelphia, Manufacturer's Book Co., 1901)

McKinley Memorial Eulogies and Orations (New York: Winthrop Press, 1901)

Meech, Thomas Cox, William McKinley: Private and President (London: S.W. Patridge, 1901)

National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Life of William McKinley (New York: James T. White & Co., 1901)

Newman, Angelia French Thurston, McKinley Carnations of Memory (New York: Mail and Express Job Print, 1904)

Olcott, Charles S., The Life of William McKinley (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1916)

Owen, Elizabeth, Biography of William McKinley (Toledo, OH: 1902)

Pell, Edward Leigh, McKinley and Men of our Times (St. Louis: Historical Society of America, 1901)

Pery, Francis M., Four Great American Presidents (New York: J.M. Stradling & Co., 1903)

Pictoral Life of William McKinley (Canton, OH, 1943)

Rixey, Presley Marion, Official Report of the Case of President McKinley (Philadelphia: Lea Brothers, 1901)

Roe, Edward T., Life of William McKinley (Chicago: Laird & Lee, 1913)

Schwartz, Frederick, The Authentic Life of William McKinley (Philadelphia: Fredericks Pub. Co., 1901)

Six Lies Nailed (Brooklyn: International Catholic Truth Society, 1914)

Snow, Jane Elliott, The Life of William McKinley (Cleveland: The Gardner Publishing Co., 1908)

Stenholt, L.A., Praesident Wm. McKinley: en historisk beretnign om hans liv og dod, et kort omrids af President Roosevelts liv, samt en udsigt over Czolgozs's uqjerning og domfaeldelse (Minneapolis: W. Kriedt, 1901)

Storer, Maria Longworth, In Memoriam Bellamy Storer; with personal Remembrances of President McKinley (1923)

Stratemayer, Edward, American Boys' Life of William McKinley (Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1901)

Townsend, George Washington, Die lebensgeschichte von Wm. McKinley (1901)

Townsend, G.W., Our Martyred President, Memorial Life of William McKinley (Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., 1901; also Philadelphia: American Book and Bible House, 1901; also D.Z. Howell, 1901)

Tyler, John W., The Life of William McKinley (Philadelphia: P.W. Ziegler & Co., 1901)

Underwood, Bert & Strohmeyer, Henry A., A Stereograph Record of William McKinley as President of the United States (New York: Underwood & Underwood, 1902)

Wellman, Walter & Scull, Guy H., Last Honors to the Martyred President," Collier's Weekly (New York) vol. 27, no. 26 (Sept. 28, 1901) pp. 4-10

Williamson, David, President McKinley: The Story of His Life (London: A. Melrose, 1901)

Wilson, Edward Eugen, "It is God's Way;" A Book Dedicated to the Memory of Our Beloved President, William McKinley (Cleveland: Edward E. Wilson, 1902)