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Contact Us

Judith Bellafaire, PhD
Chief Historian

The staff of the Office of History and Collections of The Women's Memorial Foundation, under the direction of Dr. Bellafaire, is happy to answer your research questions about women in the military and related subjects. Scholars, museum curators, historians, veterans, authors, students, journalists and teachers focusing on American history, women's studies, military history and social history are among the many who consider the research materials of the Memorial invaluable resources.

Britta Granrud
Curator of Collections

Peter Strong, MA
Assistant Curator of Collections

The photographs, artifacts and documents in our collections are the heart of the organization. They are resources for research, publications, exhibits and educational programs and are available for use by appointment. Many of our holdings are also available for loan to other institutions. We charge a nominal fee for photocopying, reproducing and transmitting collection materials.

The Memorial welcomes and appreciates contributions of memorabilia to our collections from servicewomen, their families and friends. Photographs, documents, diaries, artifacts, albums and letters are particularly valuable.

Exhibits and Web Pages
Lee Ann Ghajar, MA
Curator of Exhibits

The Women's Memorial Education Center at Arlington National Cemetery houses permanent and temporary exhibits of the photographs, documents and artifacts of women who have served in or with the US Armed Forces from the American Revolution to the present. We develop new temporary exhibits jointly with other institutions and also offer our exhibit space to other organizations and individuals whose work contributes to disseminating the history and contributions of women in the military.

The developing web pages of the Office of History and Collections open another venue to exhibit servicewomen's memorabilia and to present their stories in the context of the American experience. Our web pages will continue to evolve. Visit them often.

Oral History
Mary Jo Binker
Director, Oral History Program

The Oral History Program at The Women's Memorial Foundation is a growing collection of interviews with servicewomen and veterans. Interviews are conducted by telephone from our national office and generally take about an hour.

We also offer guidance to volunteers interested in conducting oral history interviews for the archives to ensure the value and historic integrity of the collections.