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After the peace treaty was signed, some US troops and nurses remained on duty in Cuba. Other troops and nurses were ordered to the Philippines for duty in the Philippine Insurrection or to serve in China during the Boxer Rebellion.

Shortly after the war, the Surgeon General asked Dr. McGee to write the section of the Army Reorganization Act making nurses a permanent corps of the Medical Department of the Army. This legislation established the Army Nurse Corps in 1901. Seven years later the Navy established its Nurse Corps.

In 1922,the Spanish American War contract nurses were granted pensions--the same pensions male Spanish American War veterans had received in 1920. And on July 2, 1925, Public Law 448 Granted the Spanish American War contract nurses full military status "as members of the Army Nurse Corps."

Their legacy lives on in the Army, Navy and Air Force nurses and medical corps. In honor of the contributions of the Spanish American War nurses and Dr. McGee's services, the Daughters of the American Revolution annually present the Anita Newcomb McGee Award to an outstanding active duty Army nurse. Their memory is honored at Arlington Cemetery.
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