Does Technology Drive History?

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Merritt Roe Smith and Leo Marx, eds. Does Technology Drive History? The Dilemma of Technological Determinism. Cambridge: MIT Press,1994. Pp. xv, 280. Cloth $35.00; Paper $16.95.



Merritt Roe Smith "Technological Determinism in American Culture"

Michael L. Smith "Recourse of Empire: Landscapes of Progress in Technological America"

Robert L. Heilbroner "Do Machines Make History?"

Robert L. Heilbroner "Technological Determinism Revisited"

Bruce Bimber "Three Faces of Technological Determinism"

Thomas P. Hughes "Technological Momentum"

Thomas J. Misa "Retrieving Sociotechnological Change from Technological Determinism"

Philip Scranton "Determinism and Indeterminancy in the History of Technology"

Peter C. Perdue "Technological Determinism in Agrarian Societies"

Richard W. Bulliet " Determinism and Pre-Industrial Technology

Rosalind Williams "The Political and Feminist Dimensions ofmTechnological Determinism"

Leo Marx "The Idea of 'Technology' and Postmodern Pessimism"

John M. Staudenmaier "Rationality versus Contingency in the History ofTechnology"


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