Driving Germany

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Thomas Zeller. Driving Germany: The Landscape of the German Autobahn, 1930–1970. Translated by THOMAS DUNLAP. (Studies in German History, number 5.) New York: Berghahn Books. 2007. Pp. 289. $85.00.



1. Introduction: Germany and Its Autobahn

- A growing overlap: history of technology and environmental history

- Transportation history: the system of mobility

2. Landscape: the Dual Construction

- Physically altered landscapes

- Culturally altered landscapes

3. The Historical Habitat of Landscape-Friendly Roads

- The autobahnen in environmental history

- Building technological landscapes on the Rhine and Neckar

- Reconciling nature and technology in the interwar period

- Albert Seifert and Fritz Todt: a biographic constellation

4. Planning the Autobahn before and after 1933

- The failed autobahn project of the interwar period

- Building the Nazi autobahn

- The place of the autobahn in the Nazi dictatorship

- Propogandizing the Reichsautobahn

- German Technology (Deutche Technik) and the Reichsautobahn

5. Conflicts over the Harmonious Road

- Finding a niche for landscape architects

- Searching for a job description

- Pitting landscape architects against civil engineers

- Marginalizing conservation and spatial planning on the autobahn

- Legalizing the exclusion of conservation


Roger D. Connor, Spring , 2012

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