Engineering the Revolution

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Ken Alder. Engineering the Revolution: Arms and Enlightenment in France, 1763-1815. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. 1997. Pp. xvi, 476. Cloth $59.50.



Introduction: A Revolution of Engineers? [Subheads: The French Revolution, Industrialization and the State, Revolutionary Engineers?; Politics and Technology; The Organization of the Book].

Part One: Engineering Design: Capital into Coercion, 1763-1793

Chapter 1: The Last Argument of the King [Subheads: The Valliere System: "Absolutist Rationality"; Siege War and the Science of Limited Destruction; The Seven Years' Fiasco; The Rise and Fall - and Resurrection - of the Gribeauval System; The Contradictions of Military Reform in the Enlightenment, Military Enlightenment and Political Revolution]

Chapter 2: A Social Epistomology of Enlightenment Engineering [Subheads: Theory and Practice in the Enlightenment, Proper Knowledge is Proper Behavior, Discipline and Pedagogy, Manners of Mathematics, Making Meritocracy, Rank and Revolution]

Chapter 3: Design and Deployment [Subheads: The Art of Artillery, Ready...Aim...Design!, ];

Part Two: Engineering Production: Coercion into Capital, 1763-1793: Chapter 4: The Tools of Practical Reason [Subheads: ]

Chapter 5: The Saint-Etienne Armory: Musket Making and the End of the Ancien Regime [Subheads: ]

Chapter 6: [Subheads: ]

Part Three: Engineering Society: Technocracy

Chapter 7: [Subheads: ]

Chapter 8: [Subheads: ]

Chapter 9: [Subheads: ]

Conclusion [Subheads: ]


Roger D. Connor, Spring , 2012

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