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Thomas P. Hughes. Human-Built World: How to Think about Technology and Culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004. Pp. xii, 223. Paper $22.50



"1: Introduction: Complex Technology" [subheads: "Defining Technology", "Overarching Theme: Creativity", "Overarching Theme: Human-Built World", "Second Creation", "Machine for Production", "Systems, Controls, and Information", "Technology and Culture", "Ecotechnological Environment"]

"2: Techology and the Second Creation" [subheads: "Mephistophelean Creativity", "Mechanical Arts", "Technological Millenium", "Creating a Promised Land", "Technological Transformation", "Nature as Wilderness", "Pastoral Vision: Jefferson", "Paradise Regained", "Emerson: Value-Laden Technology", "Technological Sublime", "Technological Enthusiasm", "Steam, Coal and Iron", "Second Creation Gone Awry?"]

"3: Technology as Machine" [subheads: "Second Industrial Revolution", "Modern Metropolis", "Blueprinting and Controlling", "Faustian Technology", "Mechanical Versus Organic", "Transcending the Organic", "Mechanization of Culture", "American Pragmatism"]

"4: Technology as Systems, Controls, and Information" [subheads: "The Systems Era", "Weapon Systems", "The Military-University-Industrial Complex", "Spread of Systems Approach", Urban Systems: Promise and Failure", "Systems Discredited: Vietnam War and the Counter Culture", "The Failure of Controls", "Controls and Information", "A Flood of Conrol, Communication, and Feedback Metaphors", "Molecular and Developmental Biology", Origins of the Information Revolution", The Revolution's Technical Core", "Managerial, Organizational, and Social Changes", "Reactions to the Information Revolution"]

"5: Technology and Culture" [subheads: "Machine Era Geman Architects", "Gropius, Meyer, and the Bauhaus", "American Organic Architecture", "German Artists and the New Objectivity", "Grossberg", "Machine Art in America: Duchamp", "Sheeler", "Bourke-White", "Mechanization Takes Command: Giedion", "American Industrial Design: Loewy", "Artists against Systems, Order, and Control", "Cage", "Architects React against Order and Control", "Art, Architecture, and the Information Revolution", "The Demise of Technology-based Culture"

"6: Creating an Ecotechnological Environment" [subheads: "Embodying Values", "Ecotechnological Systems", "Kissimmee River Restoration Project", "Everglades Restoration Plan", "A Technological Fix?", "Public Participation", "Technological Literacy"]


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