The Sanitary City

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Martin C. Melosi. Environmental Services in Urban America from Colonial Times to the Present (Pittsburgh History of the Urban Environment) [Abridged] [Paperback] Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. 2008. Pp. xii, 400. $27.95.



Part I: The Age of Miasmas - From Colonial Times to 1880

1. Sanitation Practices in Pre-Chadwickian America

2. Bringing the Serpent's Tail into the Serpent's Mouth: Edwin Chadwick and the "Sanitary Idea" in England

3. The "Sanitary Idea" Crosses the Atlantic

4. Pure and Plentiful: From Protosystems to Modern Waterworks, 1830-1880

5. Subterranean Networks: Wastewater Systems as Works in Progress, 1830-1880

Part II: The Bacteriological Revolution, 1880-1945

6. On the Cusp of the New Public Health: Bacteriology, Environmental Sanitation, and the Quest for Permanence, 1880-1920

7. Water Supply as a Municipal Enterprise, 1880-1920

8. Battles at Both Ends of the Pipe: Sewage Systems and the New Health Paradigm, 1880-1920

9. The Third Pillar of Sanitary Services: The Rise of Public Refuse Management, 1880-1920

10. The Great Depression, World War II, and Public Works, 1920-1945

11. Water Supply as a National Issue: The Federal Government, Expansion of Service, and the Threat of Pollution, 1920-1945

12. Sewerage, Treatment, and the "Broadening Viewpoint," 1920-1945

13. The "Orpan Child of Sanitary Engineering": Refuse Collection and Disposal, 1920-1945

Part III: The New Ecology, 1945-2000s

14. The Challenge of Suburban Sprawl and the "Urban Crisis" in the Age of Ecology, 1945-1970

15. A Time of Unease: The "Water Crisis" in an Effluent Society, 1945-1970

16: Beyond Their Limits: Decaying Sewers, Overflows, and Foaming Plants, 1945-1970

17. Solid Waste as "Third Pollution," 1945-1970

18. From Earth Day to Infrastructure Crisis: Forces Shaping the New Sanitary City

19. Beyond Broken Pipes and Tired Treatment Plants: Water Supply, Wastewater, and Treatment since 1970

20. Out of State, Out of Mind: The Garbage Crisis in America


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