The World beyond the Windshield

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The World beyond the Windshield: Roads and Landscapes in the United States and Europe. Edited by Christof Mauch and Thomas Zeller. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2008. Pp. xv+283. $49.95/$22.95.



Introduction (Christof Mauch and Thomas Zeller)

1. Driving Cultures and the Meaning of Roads: Some Comparative Examples (Rudy J. Koshar)

2. The Rise and the Decline of the American Parkway (Timothy Davis)

3. The Scene Is Political: Creating Natural and Cultural Landscapes along America's Blue Ridge Parkway (Anne Mitchell Whisnant)

4. "A Feeling Almost beyond Description": Scenic Roads in South Dakota's Custer State Park, 1919-32 (Suzanne Julin)

5. "Neon, Junk, and Ruined Landscape": Competing Visions of America's Roadsides and the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 (Carl A. Zimring)

6. A Rough Modernization: Landscapes and Highways in Twentieth Century Italy (Massimo Moraglio)

7. Building and Rebuilding the Landscape of the Autobahn, 1930-1970 (Thomas Zeller)

8. Socialist Highways?: Appropriating the Autobahn in the German Democratic Republic (Axel Dossman)

9. "Beautified Is a Vile Phrase": The Politics and Aesthetics of Landscaping Roads in Pre- and Postwar Britain (Peter Merriman)

10. Physical and Social Construction of the Capital Beltway (Jeremy L. Korr)


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