Patsy King

Hi. This is the place where I'm supposed to go on about how brilliant I am, I guess, but being a Brit, I find that quite difficult. What I can say is that I've been into herbal medicine and related things for many years, as well as organic gardening. If you've seen my sites about these subjects, you'll have seen the reasons why I got involved, all driven by life's events. I've always loved cooking, and since my dad was a trained chef, I learned early on how to mix and match flavors, and the right way to do things. So when I found out I was gluten intolerant, the first thing I did was to gather together a bunch of recipes. Why not share them? I thought. So I did. That explains my areas of interest, and my books. For the truth about the real me, you'll have to come over and share a cup of coffee... At Frann's Alt.Health Shop I offer an extensive range of high quality herbal products online. My products contain the finest standard herbs and most are 100% natural and organic. In addition, you will get access to fast and dependable product delivery if you buy herbs from my store. Frann's Alt.Health is for You and Your Family. herbs shop


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