Bernadine Carroll

Updating or installing your double glazing can not just lower your energy bills, but double glazing can likewise make your house cleaner, greener, quieter and much more energy efficient, which means you're doing your bit for the surroundings. The benefits of double glazing are not complex; double glazing reduces your carbon footprint, reduces your power bills and saves you money. Save money by replacing each of the single glazed windows in your home with energy efficient glazing. You are going to create less carbon dioxide (CO2) which is what leads to global warming. Be more comfortable in your home as energy efficient double glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means cold spots and fewer draughts. More peace and quiet because as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient double glazed windows can insulate your house against unwanted external sound. Reduce condensation because condensation build up is reduced by energy efficient double glazing on the inside of windows. The costs and savings will not be same for each window and every house, according to substance the size and installer. But on average fitting double-glazing to your own house can save on your heating bills around GBP135 a year, as well as saving around 720kg of CO2 (carbon dioxide). Double glazing will help to reduce your carbon footprint.


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