Ernest Hauck DVM

Decatur Car & Tire offers the very best car repair work, brake service, tires, transmissions & oil changes in Decatur IL. We are highly proficient in all aspects of car repair service and concentrate on client satisfaction is our source of income and we will never jeopardize in our quality. The days of merely replacing your fan belt or gapping your very own spark plugs are long past. Procedures that were managed with an adjustable wrench and some prepared hands now require a myriad of diagnostic devices, EPA friendly products, a smart mechanic and even an internet connection. Furthermore, punishment-resistant steel parts have been changed by light-weight, plastic pieces and fasteners. Nowadays, an eager backyard repairman with an experimental mind is normally rewarded with complaining next-door neighbors, snapped parts, shorted circuit boards and sometimes, events much worse. Decatur Auto & Tire


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