Commentary by Tiziano Bonazzi


If we take a quick glance at the two translations of the first paragraph of the Declaration and to the one I provide in my essay we can easily notice that they are similar to the point of using the same key words and expressions. Differences are mostly linked to changes that have occurred in the Italian language in the last two centuries. F.i., the 1961 translation and mine translate the opening "When" of the Declaration as "Quando" instead of the more literary and ancient, but still adequate, "Allorché". Interestingly enough the 1961 translation misrenders "the laws of nature and of nature’s God" as "natural and divine laws", while the 1776 one is closer to the original ("the law of nature and of the Supreme Arbiter governing it"). See my essay for a comment on this point. In a translation of the Declaration that I have done and that will appear next fall, I have kept very close to the English original without difficulty and, hopefully, without doing any damage to either English or Italian.