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The professional standard in desktop digital imaging

Adobe® Photoshop® CS2 software, the professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line, delivers more of what you crave. Groundbreaking creative tools help you achieve extraordinary results. Unprecedented adaptability lets you custom-fit Photoshop to the way you work. And with more efficient editing, processing, and file handling, there's no slowing you down.

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Top new features in CS2

What's new in Photoshop CS2

Take advantage of more creative options, greater adaptability, and more efficient file handling and processing in a powerful new version of Photoshop.

Learn more about Adobe 

Learn more about Adobe Bridge

Simplify file handling with the powerful new Adobe Bridge, available in Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Creative Suite 2.

The ultimate Photoshop blog

The ultimate Photoshop blog

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eal Photoshop pros - real stories

Real Photoshop pros - real stories (SWF: 1:30 min)

Hear what professional photographers have to say about Photoshop CS2.

Announcing the Adobe Photographers Directory

Announcing the Adobe Photographers Directory

Learn about plans for a new national listing of professional photographers, accessible directly from future versions of Photoshop.

Real people, real stories

Real people, real stories (SWF: 1:30 min)

Check out what these real-life Photoshop fanatics have to say!

Photoshop Camera Raw

Get the camera raw update (January 2005)!

Photoshop CS camera raw support has been expanded to include more than 70 cameras from 14 different manufacturers. Get the update today!

Announcing the Digital 
Negative (DNG)

Get the DNG Converter 2.4 update (January 2005)

Learn more about the Digital Negative (DNG) and download the updated DNG Converter, which now supports more than 70 cameras.

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