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Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source.

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icon libvorbis 1.1.0 and libogg 1.1.2 have been released
posted by vanguardist on 2004-09-27 21:55:17.91

Here are some goodies. The new libogg fixes some FLAC issues and libvorbis 1.1.0 features the new tunings from aoTuV.
Get your Ogg and your Vorbis.
Also, you can use oggdropXPd on Windows. The latest version uses the new libvorbis.

icon libogg-1.1.1 released!
posted by vanguardist on 2004-09-12 18:22:03.39

m00! Xiph.org has released verison 1.1.1 of libogg. Point your browsers to the tarball for maximum excitement. Changes include several platform and build fixes, documentation for multiplexed streams, and other goodies. Have at it.

icon Ogg Traffic: Multi-Codec Madness!
posted by Carsten on 2004-02-25 18:19:43.08

Work continues on an Ogg multiplexing standard while Icecast is given experimental Theora, Speex, and FLAC support. Read all about it in this edition of Ogg Traffic!

icon This Ogg Traffic brought to you by Arc Riley
posted by Carsten on 2004-02-09 10:09:40.58

Since I don't have time anymore to work on Ogg Traffic, Arc decided to help me out and has put together this new issue of Ogg Traffic. Arc won't take over the job permanently, though, so please let us know if you want to help.

icon RealNetworks and Helix buy into Ogg
posted by Monty on 2004-01-20 23:53:51.74

A triple treat! First, RealNetworks has awarded the Xiph.Org foundation one of its Helix Grants to support continued development of Ogg, second, the Real Helix player now supports Vorbis and [alpha-release] Theora, and third, Real has announced its intention to support Ogg across client, server and native production tools.

The Helix Community Homepage carries some of the news plus links to the new Ogg support in the Helix player. Xiph.Org also has its own Helix Community homepage, but it's new and doesn't have much there... yet.

icon Release, Release, Release!
posted by Carsten on 2003-11-19 21:44:48.54

It took longer than expected, but Vorbis 1.0.1 has finally been released. This release also coincides with the first beta of Icecast 2 and a Speex 1.0.3 bugfix release. Read all about these new releases, Xiph.org's trip to California, and more in this new edition of Ogg Traffic.

icon Waiting for Vorbis 1.0.1
posted by Carsten on 2003-09-30 20:30:01.90

After a bit of a hiatus that I spent working on a long neglected coding side-project of mine,
I decided to put together a new issue of Ogg Traffic.

The bad news is that Vorbis 1.0.1 is being held hostage by Win32 build problems, but the good news is
that Monty is already bravely charging ahead to work on Vorbis 1.1.

icon Better Late Than Never
posted by Carsten on 2003-08-20 09:56:52.38

It's been far too long, but I've finally managed to put together a new issue of Ogg Traffic, and it's an exciting one: The Neuros project is complete, a Vorbis bugfix release is appearing on the horizon, and more.

icon Shout! Shout! Let it all out!
posted by Carsten on 2003-07-15 09:45:09.50

It's time for a new Ogg Traffic, and this issue has lots of things to shout about! Brendan has released version 2.0 of libshout, and many other exciting events are happening.

icon Ogg Traffic: Neuros, Theora, Speex, and more!
posted by Carsten on 2003-06-24 09:35:15.97

Read the latest round of status updates and recent developments from the Xiph.org universe in this new edition of Ogg Traffic. There are lots of things happening on many fronts, including Neuros, Theora, and Speex.

Also, if you haven't read the meeting minutes of the June monthly meeting yet, read them here to get all the details.

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           New/Updated Software more ...
RealNetworks Helix Player for Linux: Now with Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora
added on 2004-01-23 17:34:05.96
Real has released Milestone 2 of its Helix Player for Linux. This milestone includes full Ogg Vorbis support, and alpha support for Ogg Theora. Binaries are available or you can build it from source! Yes! Complete source code from Real!

added on 2003-05-18 15:33:37.80
Quintessential is a media player for Windows that supports Vorbis, CD audio, batch tag editing, streaming audio, and other goodies.

Be the Toast of the Town
added on 2003-05-06 06:56:29.58
A new batch of Nero plugins for Vorbis, FLAC, and Speex were released on May 5.

Car Audio Jukebox
added on 2003-03-30 05:30:46.50
CAJUN is a project to turn an old computer you might have kicking around into the centerpiece of your car or home audio system. Writen in Perl, CAJUN supports keypads, infra-red remote controls, LCD/VFD displays, FM cards, CD players, Ogg Vorbis, Shoutcast/Icecast streams, GPS devices, and other goodies.

Totally Vorbis!
added on 2003-02-13 06:33:32.15
Total Recorder records streaming audio, Mic input, Line-in input as well as CDs and DVDs. The resulting files are saved on your hard-drive. The latest version (4.1) now supports Vorbis. Check out the Press release and Vorbis info page.

           New Music Sites more ...
theGREENzebra's Music Page
added on 2003-12-13 01:53:06.86
theGREENzebra writes remixes, original, and videogame music and offers it all in Ogg Vorbis.

added on 2003-10-13 12:14:48.40
Magnatune is an Internet record label, but they're not evil. You can listen to all their entire albums. When you buy or license music, 50% goes straight to the musician, and you can download OGG/FLAC/WAV/MP3-VBRs versions of the album. No DRM, ever.

added on 2003-07-07 13:50:24.88
Fabco is an Austin, TX musical project mixing electronic, rock, and experimental styles, and is a long time supporter of the Ogg Vorbis format.

           New Links more ...
Pajama Crisis - New And Improved
added to Advocacy and News on 2003-02-03 12:57:44.42
Pajama Crisis is back, with a brand new site and a bunch of new music. If you like videogamey electronica, give it a try!

Norwegian Vorbis site: Vorbis.nu
added to Advocacy and News on 2002-10-29 00:49:34.86
Vorbis.nu offers Ogg and Vorbis news, links and downloads for Norwegian users.

www.startkabel.nl: Ogg
added to Advocacy and News on 2002-10-28 23:32:23.54
Another large Dutch links site, indexing Ogg documentation, sites, and software.

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