While our amazing new host gets us setup on new hardware please sit tight. For the time being we recommend that you remove the javascript include code from your website. All registrants will be sent an e-mail when we're ready to go back online.

All statistical information with the exception of referrers has been backed up from our old host.

We're very excited to get Reinvigorate operational again. The last 6 months have been spent developing high-performance web server software specifically geared toward handling website statistical data. As a result the next version of reinvigorate will track more with ultra-low latency (even under extremely high loads). Everyone can look forward to brand new features and charts!

A closed beta test for the new system will be held in the near future (a formal announcement will be made later)

Thank you (mt) Media Temple for so graciously supporting us and the community!


Please contact me at reinvigorate@gmail.com for the time being while my other e-mail account is down.