Macromedia Flash MX 2004

Macromedia Flash MX 2004

Create rich content and applications across desktops and devices

Flash MX 2004

Flash MX Professional 2004

Introducing Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004. See how the versions compare.

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Get a Mac and save on Studio

Save $600 when you buy Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional and any Power Mac or PowerBook. Offer extended through June—see your reseller for details.
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Macromedia Video Kit

This set of extensions and resources helps you take video assets, encode them to run on the web, and insert them on your web pages using Dreamweaver MX 2004.
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$100 Value

Add the excitement of video to your website easily with Flash Professional. Buy Studio MX 2004 and get Flash Professional free – a $100 value. Offer ends June 30, 2005.
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Flash MX 2004 in Action

The MINI Cooper website uses Macromedia Flash to lap other car-maker sites with a high-speed custom configurator for prospective car buyers.

Image of the MINI Cooper configurator

MINI Cooper configurator

Why Upgrade

You design. You code. See what's new for both sides of you.

Flash Video icon

Flash Video Updater: Get the new 2-pass encoder plus samples and tutorials.

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Swift 3D Xpress

Swift 3D XPRESS: Effortlessly convert 2D assets into 3D animations Flash.

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Flash MX 2004

Create rich interactive experiences to achieve superior results.

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Twice as Fast

Boost runtime performance by 2-8x with the enhanced compiler and the new Macromedia Flash Player 7.

Third Party Extensions

Create charts and graphs, animate text effects and more with extensions (sold separately)

High Fidelity Import

Integrate rich media content faster with high fidelity import of PDF and Adobe Illustrator 10 files.

Timeline Effects

Simplify common timeline and scripting tasks with new Timeline Effects and Behaviors

Flash MX Professional 2004

Develop advanced Flash content, applications and video experiences.New!

Flash video preview

Deliver high-quality Flash video

Everything in Flash MX 2004, plus great new features for:

High Quality Video

Deliver high-quality video with new professional video capabilities.

Applications and Data

Build rich Internet applications with a familiar forms-based development environment and powerful data binding.

Advanced Interactive Content

Create sophisticated interactive content using slides to organize and sequence your project.

Mobile and Device Development

Produce and test content for devices and mobile phones with device templates and emulators.

Rich Media Advertising

Create advanced rich media ads and deliver them seamlessly to DoubleClick DART Motif.

Macromedia Flash Player

Deliver effective Macromedia Flash experiences across desktops and devices through Macromedia Flash Player. Installed on more than 97% of the Internet-enabled desktops and many popular devices, Macromedia Flash is the world’s most pervasive rich client.

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Get More Done with Studio MX 2004

Get more done by purchasing Flash as part of Studio MX 2004, the integrated tool set that includes the newest versions of Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and FreeHand. Studio MX 2004 is also available with Flash Professional.

Studio MX 2004

Streamlines web development

Ends Jun 30 - Get Studio with Flash Pro for the price of Studio. A $100 value. By now
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Create interactive simulations and software demonstrations.

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