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Demo: Save Your Office 2000 File as a Web Page

Post Files to an Intranet or Internet Site

Posted: May 30, 2001

Microsoft Office 2000 makes it easy for you to save a file as a Web page—and for others to view it—using familiar commands. If you'd like to set up an Internet site where you can post your Office 2000 documents, visit the Microsoft Office Marketplace, or locate a Registered Web Presence Provider that supports the Microsoft FrontPage® Server Extensions and publishing from Office to the Web.

Use the functionality below to create Web pages for documents you create in Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000, or Microsoft PowerPoint® 2000.

How You Can Do It
Simply select the new Save as Web Page option on the File menu, and Office 2000 automatically saves your Office document to HTML format for easy posting to your intranet or Internet site. Because anyone with a Web browser can view HTML files, you can now share information with anyone, anywhere—regardless of what software they use.

Save as Web page demo animation

How Others Can View It
After you've saved your Office document as a Web page, others can view it in their favorite Internet browser. All they have to do is type in the location of your document or click a link you send in an e-mail message or document.

View as Web page demo animation

For More Information
To find out how to create a shortcut to your Web server that you can access from within Office 2000 programs, learn more about using Web folders at Assistance on Microsoft Office Online.

To learn more about communicating over intranets or the Internet, see An Introduction to Working on the Web with Office 2000.

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