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b-logging.comcreate a general blog with yourname.b-logging.com
library-blogs.netcreate a library-related blog with yourname.library-blogs.net
music-blogs.comcreate a music-related blog with yourname.music-blogs.com
20sixa website for anyone wants to publish a weblog, or an online journal, on the Internet. You can publish whenever you want, whatever you want and from wherever you want. 20six provides the technology to write and publish your own journal
22 Blogleverages the open source b2/cafelog.com project to empower the hobbyist blogger and professional writer/author
Aetheri.comAn online journal (blog, weblog, whatever you call it), the ability to edit your journal's appearance, through setting CSS variables, a user profile connected to your journal, the ability to keep track of your friends: when they were last online, when they last posted, many more features to be added over the next couple weeks and months
Antvillean open source project aimed to the development of an "easy to maintain and use" weblog hosting system. It's not limited to just one weblog, it can easily host up to several hundred or thousand weblogs (the number of weblogs is rather limited by the site owners choice and server power than by the software)
Apcalathe most advanced weblogging, file sharing and social networking system available. You can control every aspect of your apcala. Upload files, share these with friends, find new friends. Apcala has the ability to search through blog postings, uploaded files and profiles. It is a complete online personal system
b-logging.comFree blog hosting, giving you yourname.b-logging.com
The Big Blog Companya place where you go to get a blog for your company, for your project or just for fun. If you want to engage your customers, show off your expertise, tell your side of the story, handle a PR crisis, or make your web-presence a walk in the park, let us give you a hand
Big Blog ToolHosting for $8 for 3 months and up. Lots of interesting features
BlogDot news publishing and discussion product. It creates a place where people can post short articles, news items, announcements, etc. as well as hold threaded discussions about them
Blogeyead-free hosting. Many packages to choose from. Also has free blog hosting
Blog-Citya new innovative blogging site with a fast growing community. It provides a free, easy-to-use hosted blog with an abundance of features including email alerts and an easy-to-remember url for your blog. The premium service offers even more, with facilities such as the ability to email your blog entries and maintain your own photo album. Also available from Blog-City: Business Blogs, for small to medium business enterprises. 7-day free-trial available
Blog DriveSet up your Blog site with just a few clicks. Publish your online journal or diary. Customize your own page instantly
Blog StudioA fast, free, simple and reliable blogging service that breaks new ground. Also has a Pro version for $15 per year
The Blogatoriuma new weblog host site for people who want a weblog, but hate dealing with slow host servers
BloggedUpFree and low-cost blog hosting
bloghostsmission is to provide affordable and reliable web hosting for bloggers—because bloggers shouldn’t have to pay a premium for top notch hosting. Priced from $3 per month
Blogger.comFree, automated weblog publishing tool. Post your links and commentary into your form on blogger.com and, with the push of a button, your updated weblog page will be FTPd to your web site
blogger.deein Blog-Hosting-Service, basiernd auf dem Open Source Project Antville
Blogging NetworkProvides Web-based blogging that earns the writer money. Blogs by professionals and new writers creates a real-time exchange of ideas, news and articles. Since it is a network even new blogs find an existing audience. Readers can use the constantly updated search/directory function and browse blogs by category, popularity and newest posts
Bloghornone-click blogging for everyone
Blogmosisno further details
Blogomaniaan affordable, easy to use web hosting company that caters to weblogs. Our hosting service has proven to be strong and stable enough to handle running several different weblog software packages. Our servers are fast - all the time! Best of all, our prices are low. Be sure to check out all of the hosting plans that you can choose from
Blogsomea free hosting service for WordPress blogs which can be set-up automatically by the user
BlogSpirita weblogging hosted service that allows user to create and animate his weblog. BlogSpirit is one of the most powerful weblog system for free. More than a hundred features and 10 key features are included in our Free Subscription to give you all the tools needed to express yourself on to your personal media : publishing text, images, photos, audio and video in your weblog, in a public or private context has never been so simple
Blogster.coman easy-to-use, new-generation blog service. You can use blogster.com to publish your own blog, but that's just the start. With our service, you can create your own interactive community
Blurtyfree online journals and communities for adults
coolzeroz.coma new online web-journal service that offers free blog, weblog, or online journals; whatever you want to call it. It's an online community for users to express their ideas, opinions, and daily activities. The best part is that it's free; you are allow to change your journal the way you want
CrimsonBlogwhere you can create blogs, hosted either at yourname.crimsonblog.com or on your own server
DeadJournal.coma journal site (much like LiveJournal), but as you will quickly see, not all journals are apple pie and fruitcakes. Here is where you find the journals that nobody else wants to see, or even host
DearDiary.Netthe place where you can write your own personal online diary or read about other people's real lives in their public online diaries
Diarist.Neta comprehensive starting-point for both writers and readers of online journals. With new content every week and even more features in the works, we've got everything you need to know all about the people who tell all
DiaryLandFun, free service where you can get your own web diary that you update using your web browser
diary-x.comDesigned from the ground up to bring you the tools you need to write without worrying about the mundane details of HTML
Digital ExpressionsOffers public and private online diaries
DK3.com portal system(based on Nuke) is a Web Portal System, storytelling software, News system, online community or whatever you want to call it
Dragid.comeasy to use tools to help you start your own blog and gallery
easyjournal free, easy-to-use Internet resource for keeping a journal online. In just two easy steps, anyone can publish a journal at a designated, personalized website address. Easyjournal also has a straightforward mechanism for notifying friends and family of each new journal entry
eBloggya free blogging host to update and publish your blog easily and quickly, with SMS blogging, group blogs, custom templates, private messaging, signatures, images and more
Emo Bloga Free Blog Hosting Community where you may publish information instantly on your website and customize your blog to fit your personality. Hosted on the web at no charge with no banner advertisements
FactoA web application that allows administrators to post messages, called blurbs, as well as classifying these blurbs by author and subject
Famblogblogging for families
GeekLogAllows you to create your own virtual community area, complete with user administration, story posting, messaging, comments, polls, calendar, weblinks, and more! It can run on many different operating systems, and uses PHP4 and MySQL
GreatestJournaloffering a place to create and keep your own online journal. Also featuring communities, image hosting, and more
InkNoiseis a personal web publishing services company,offering weblog-style publishing enhanced with multimedia capabilities, easy-to-use content "blocks," and stylized site templates. 30-day free trial available
Interactive-Xinstantly publish your photos, diary. commentary, news, an MP3 file, and enjoy live, instant feedback from your audience
iUploga complete personal publishing, blogging, & mobile blogging suite from people who really know about managing web content
JablogFree, no ads, no premium account blog service with free RSS, some image storage (free but limited), stand-alone web pages, polls, quizzes, folders (with permissions), powerful control panel, totally template driven. You can use these blogs like any other blog or like a bulletin board or a content management system or anywhere in between
John Doe Journal NeighborhoodUnlimited free space to keep a journal. Includes free email
JournalFiendfree blog hosting with no advertising
Journals OnlineAn online journaling community
LexBlogProvider of lawyer blogs, weblogs & blawgs for attorney and law firm Internet marketing. Design, SEO & marketing for attorney blogs & law firm blogs
LiveJournalWebsite and client software for maintaining an online journal/weblog and keep track of friends journals ...mine...
LiveLogCityblog host using LiveJournal software
www.memebot.comFree weblog and wiki hosting, with image uploads, FTP access, email accounts and full CGI support
MindSayprovides services that enable people to maintain an online weblog ("blog") that is highly personalized, attractive, and easy to maintain. Currently, the highlight of MindSay's publishing platform is the ability to publish a blog using third-party instant messaging networks such as AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger
Moblogtake pictures with your camphone and post them directly to the web, instantly! You can post pictures from any country and any cellular or mobile provider. You can also post comments on your pictures, and then customize the look of your pages, no html or knowledge needed
ModBloga free revolutionary system for creating the ultimate interactive personal site without any technical knowledge
motimecreate your blog for free on Motime: a fast, free and easy blogging tool with a friendly international community. Fresh blogs served daily
music-blogs.comfree blog hosting for anyone in the music business i.e. artists, bands, DJs, labels, promoters, etc.
My Journal Journals by adults for adults
My Personal DiaryEveryone can have their own personal diary or journal on the internet, it's free
MyDearDiaryHosts free, personal, anonymous online diaries. Post entries to your own diary, or read other people's diary
MyITBloga venture from Exforsys Inc, is a place where you can publish your own free blog using a powerful, friendly and easy-to-use interface. Create a personal online Journal, share your knowledge and skills with the world. MyITBlog makes it easy for almost anyone to get themselves publishing online
myjambyYou can create a weblog here. You may use your weblog for anything you can think of. In fact, it's great just for jotting down notes, or sharing ideas with others. Your weblog can automatically create an XML NewsFeed. Everything you need to do can be done from any browser worldwide...mine...
MySmartChannelsan Application Framework Server that lets anyone quickly and easily publish, organize, and reuse information in a secure Web environment. Beneath the MySmartChannels interface lies a powerful Web services platform that provides a solid foundation for corporate blogging, knowledge management (KM), enterprise collaboration (EC), and a collection of services for solving a wide variety of content-oriented problems. A FREE MySmartChannels User Account is available
negimakiShare the moments of life with friends & family using a standalone gallery/blog or a combination of both otherwise known as a "photoblog". You supply & manage the content, we provide hosting and tools like gallery/wordpress both of which have built-in privacy features to get you started. Simple enough? That's what we're really all about
NewsIsFreePersonal Newsportal for Endusers, allowing quick postings to Blogger and Manila...mine...
Open DiaryProvides users with an easily-updated online diary. All diaries are completely anonymous and identifying information will be deleted
Phlogcreating a community of phone-bloggers. Once you've registered you can send your phlog entries from your phone to the community using email or MMS - and have them viewable to the world in seconds
pitas.comFree hosting for weblogs and news sites. Supports both ftp and web-based editing. Features include templates, multiple editors, and a "yourname.pitas.com" sub-domain
pMachine HostingHigh-performance web hosting for those who want the same level of personal service that has become synonymous with the name pMachine
The Posting StationExcellent blog/website creation tool that allows users to create photo galleries, categorized posts, and much more. The site features an email notification system that allows your site's visitors to subscribe to topics and the Posting Station will email your subscribers automaticly when you create posts. No more fuss about having to notify people to take a look at your site when it is updated, the posting station will do this for you
QlogFree, ad-less weblog service
QuickBlogYou can choose from more then 25 pre-designed templates, and also change the templates any way you want! There are no Banners - Google ads or large powered-by buttons. Some quick FAQs are : Build your own blog in minutes. Online html editor. Choose from 25+ designs. Very easy to use. No banner advertising. 100% Free to use
rememoryPeople from all over the world can read, write, and share their experiences with others
Scribble JournalOffers completely free journal to publish your thoughts, life, memories and whatever you desire to the entire Internet. A simple-to-use, powerful and fully integrated interface allows much more flexibility and control than your average journal site
scribble.nudedicated to making your journal, diaries, and personal writings easier to manage and archive. put away your FTP client and stop changing those links
SeoBlogSeo Blog is a free weblog hosting service which allows you to create your online publishing platform (blog, weblog) completly free of charge. Seo is an acronym for "Search engine optimization" - all free blogs are completly optimized for search engines, with article URLs consisting of keywords, which will highly improve your blogs search engine ranking possition. "We are the first free blog hosting provider which offers completly search engine friendly URLs!"
Shade of GreyFrom PlugSocket. Price: US$85 per year. Greymatter Pre-installed. 65Mb of webspace, and more
Sparkpodweblog hosting service offering a number of automated features, including announcements, archives, templates, and more
Tabulasa centralized journaling website. You can create a website with a journal and photogallery with no computer knowledge required
The Talking Forestcan change your static web page to a dynamic web community. There is no need to install strange programs or give your account information to anyone. The services provided can be added to your page by just adding a few lines of code
tBLOGblog publishing tool that allows users to add calendar, search, link management, voting, and commenting modules to their sites
Teen Open DiaryThe online diary community especially for teens. Right now, there are 69,156 diaries here (October 2001)
TypePada personal publishing service designed to provide a simple yet full-featured environment for you to put your thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the web, whether it be a weblog, journal, photo album, diary, or an entirely new creation. With TypePad, there's no installation or configuration required. Your website and all the tools are managed by the service, and upgrades and updates to the TypePad application are included in your service subscription fee
TongueWagallows you to easily update your webpage from any web browser, but you can also schedule the release and expiry dates of your articles, create HTML newsletters and webpolls, add comments and ratings, article search and let let visitors submit articles to you and even password protect your content
uJournala free service that allows you to create and customize your very own journal that you keep online
UpsaidEasy updating, built-in comments, guestbooks and more...
we::blogFree weblogging with comments and easy syndication
WeBlogLow cost dedicated hosting for New Zealand weblogs
Weblog OneBlog Hosting with many options including template editing, friends list (for private blogs), RSS Feed, Timezone Settings and more
WeBlog RomaniaA free service with lots of features. Blogging is now easier then ever. Great templates and services for both beginners and professionals
Weblogger30-day free Weblog hosting for life using Manila. Web based editor. Excellent for collaborative editing
Weedweba community for online journaling or weblogging which is absolutely free. You can also upgrade your account to support the site and get some extra features by paying a very low price. WeedWeb is based on the open source code graciously provided by Livejournal.com
Wowimbored.comfree blog/diary/journal space with no advertising
Xanga"Xanga is obsessed with one thing: helping people publish content to the web."
zBloggeran online blog creation tool with an easy and powerful visual html editor, you can easily post beautiful formatted messages. Templates and XML-RPC api are Blogger.com compatible, so that you can easily migrate to zBlogger.com

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