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Frequently Asked Questions about the TEI (with some answers)

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May 10 2001 (revised 5 dec 03)

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1. What kind of query is appropriate for this section?

2. How do queries get into this section?

3. TEI Lite doesn't have the tag I want: how do I add it?

4. What is TEI Lite?

5. What is the TEI?

6. What are some projects that use TEI tagging?

7. Does the TEI DTD include tags for [insert concept here]?

8. How is the TEI funded?

10. How do I change my TEI SGML to XML?

11. After it's all in XML, what then?

12. What should I use to author my TEI documents?

13. Where can I archive my TEI texts for posterity?

14. How about expanding the topics covered by the Guidelines?

15. How can I help?