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Prime Recognition Product Pricing

Prime Recognition’s products are designed for the production market, hence they are significantly more expensive than desktop OCR products.

The base configuration starts at $1,500 for a page limited license and $4,500 for unlimited page processing. The base configuration includes three voting OCR engines, the PrimeOCR Job Server, the SDK, 2400 zones/page, ASCII output, formatted output (formatted ASCII, RTF, HTML, etc.), auto-zoning and recognition of international language characters.

Additional options, that would add to the price of the base configuration, are additional voting engines for increased accuracy (maximum of six), image enhancement (deskew, auto-rotation, despeckle, etc.), PDF output, support for multi-processors, support for InputAccel, and support for processing color or grayscale images.

The increased accuracy, fault tolerance, and other "high end" features pay for themselves very quickly; most of our clients report very short payback periods.

License pricing is on a "per PC" basis, and is highly dependent on what features/options you wish to license. Prime Recognition also offers a variety of pricing options to match your financial needs, for example:

  • unlimited page count version

  • limited page count version ("click" charges)

  • leasing

  • multiple unit discounts

  • "selective voting" discounts

Given the flexibility of our pricing programs we encourage you to contact us at or give us a call at: (425)895-0550 to let us tailor a pricing program to your needs.

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