Digital Library Building Blocks

The California Digital Library provides software, best practices, and other tools to facilitate digital library operations.

Best Practices and Standards

  • Online Archive of California (OAC) best practice guidelines:
    • For encoded archival description, version 2.0: February 2005 [HTML] [PDF]
    • For digital objects, version 1.1: January 2004 [HTML]

  • CDL digital object standard:

    • Version 1.0: May 18, 2001 [PDF]
    • Version 2.0 (forthcoming in 2005) [HTML]

  • CDL digital image format standards: July 9, 2001 [PDF]
  • CDL best practices for image capture, version 1.0: February 2001 [PDF]
  • CDL TEI encoding guidelines (forthcoming in 2005)
  • Minimal level OAC MARC records for CDL, Version 1.1: January 2004 [HTML]
  • Standards for minimal level MARC bibliographic records for University of California Libraries: January 1, 2003 [DOC]
  • Standards for UC Union catalog input records: April 22, 2003 [RTF]
  • Archival Resource Key (ARK): naming scheme for persistent access to digital objects. [HTML]


  • CDL/UC libraries digital assets agreement: September 24, 2003 [PDF]
  • CDL/UC libraries digital assets submission inventory: September 24, 2003 [RTF]

Software and Services



  • Glossary: Includes definitions for CDL and UC terms, crawling and harvesting, digital objects, metasearching, and more.
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