Atomic Veterans History Project

The National Association of Atomic Veterans has developed a project to document the memoirs of American veterans who witnessed atomic tests. For new updates on the project click here. The memoirs of some of the atomic veterans can also be found on this website.

According to that website, the following atmospheric atomic weapons tests (by name) have taken place in American history:

The National Association of Atomic Veterans also has an ongoing "ATOMVET Morbidity Study" which began in 1992. NAAV maintains a computer database with the medical histories of US military veterans who participated in the atmospheric testing of atomic and nuclear weapons from 1945 through 1962 and beyond. The histories have been given voluntarily by the veterans. The study helps to pinpoint a correlation between radiation exposure and the elevated rate of disease in atomic veterans. The database includes information from over 5,500 atomic veterans.

More information about the National Association of Atomic Veterans can be obtained from:
NAAV, P.O. Box 1691, Los Lunas, NM 87031. Ph.505-866-5332. Fax 505-866-5332.

The national commander is Richard U. Conant:
2424 Venetian Way SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105-7236.
His e-mail address is:

Films are available from the National Association of Atomic Veterans on most of the links above.

Although not associated with NAAV, the Korean War Educator's "Read Veterans Memoirs" page includes an account of one Army veteran's experiences as a witness to an atomic test. We encourage our readers to read Paul Mason's memoir.


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