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The events of the Civil Rights Movement are forever etched in our minds. Tell your story for generations to come. Welcome to Voices of Civil Rights.
AARP, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), and the Library of Congress have teamed up to collect and preserve personal accounts of America's struggle to fulfill the promise of equality for all. We invite you to share your story and explore this site, a tribute to those who were a part of the civil rights experience and to the continuing quest for equality. Begin by learning about the power of a story.

Visit the History Channel's companion educational website for excerpts from the documentary, Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights.

The Capitol Building The Voices of Civil Rights Bus Tour, a historic journey collecting personal stories from ordinary citizens, visited 39 cities in 70 days. Review the Tour.

John Raul Gutierrez
The Voices
Read extraordinary stories of hope and courage by ordinary people and experience civil rights history as it's never been told before. Read more
Wade Henderson
Unfinished Business
Discover how far the nation still has to go to achieve equality in this essay by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights’ executive director. Read more

Browse the Voices of Civil Rights Timeline
Review this civil rights timeline for an interactive tour of pivotal events and moments in civil rights history. Browse the Voices of Civil Rights Timeline
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Civil Rights at 50
Hear how civil rights veterans like Eleanor Holmes Norton, a woman at the forefront of various social causes, are connecting the past with the present. Read more

Heidi Pendergast
New Voices
Find out how today’s young activists are having an impact on education, environmental justice, and racial tolerance. Read more
Watch the Voices of Civil Rights Music Video
Music Video
Watch this Voices of Civil Rights video, a montage of striking images from across America and around the world, set to original music. Watch the Voices of Civil Rights Music Video
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