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Rowville Lysterfield Community News

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Welcome to the Rowville Lysterfield History Project

Rowville and Lysterfield are not just new suburbs that have recently appeared on Melbourne's eastern rim.

No! They are, in fact, places that can trace their histories right back to the earliest years of the settlement in Melbourne.

And what fascinating histories they are!

You will be well rewarded when you spend some time exploring the stories and the photographs of the Rowville-Lysterfield History Project.

Discussion and Comments

Do you have a question or a comment about the stories or photos? You can post comments at the end of each story or photo.

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Recent comments

  • From jessica
    Re: entry The History of the Rowville Junior Football Club
    my brother wants to sign up for the rowville jrs, but he doesnt no how! ...
  • From Bryan Power
    Re: entry A History of Lysterfield
    I think that Fred was referring to the old charcoal burning site which I believe was near the corner of Wellington Road ...
  • From vicki collins
    Re: entry A History of Lysterfield
    I wonder if the reference to "near the present site of Mr Collins' cow shed" refers to my grandfather's milking shed. H...
  • From FAELLA
    Re: entry FAELLA Phil Faella Remembers
    Please my husban is dead is was 40 years old and he was the son of Primo Piemonte Faella (born in Pagliara near Beneven...
  • From Bryan Power
    Dear Ian, Try Stewart Finn on 5460 5051 and George Gill on 9802 7876. They both played with Lysterfield back in the 1...
  • From Michelle McRae
    Re: entry Michelle McRae
    I seemed to have the same name as this girl, where is Rowville? ...
  • From Madeleine Berks
    Re: entry Golding Wedding 2
    Is it possible to enlarge the photo's in the Golding album to enable me to print them? Thank you, Madeleine...
  • From Bryan Power
    Re: entry Golding Wedding 2
    Dear Madeleine, Read the article on this website, "Jean Dunscombe Remembers". Jean was a Golding descendant and two of ...
  • From Mônica D'Andréa
    Re: entry Guido and Giovanna D'Andrea
    Olá, minha família tabém é D'Andréa e moramos no Brasil, apenas gostaria de deixar um abraço. Mônica...
  • From Madeleine Berks
    Re: entry Golding Wedding 2
    Hi. I have discovered your website whilst trawling for anything I can find on the name of Golding. Is there any one who ...