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A.E. (George William RUSSELL) (1867-1935)
  • The Interpreters (1923)--HELP
  • The House of the Titans and Other Poems(1935)--
Bess Streeter ALDRICH (1881-1954)
  • May. Miss Bishop--HTML
  • June. A Lantern in her Hand (1928)--HTML
  • June. Mother Mason (1924)--HTML
  • Spring Came on Forever--coming soon
  • White Bird Flying--coming soon
Frederick Lewis ALLEN (1890-1954)
  • Only Yesterday--coming soon
  • The Big Change--coming soon
Hervey ALLEN (1889-1949) (Go to this site for more information about Hervey Allen)
  • Anthony Adverse (1933)--HELP
Sherwood ANDERSON (1876-1941)
  • Death in the Woods and Other Stories (1933)--HELP
  • Memoirs of William Cox, J.P. (1908)--HELP
  • The Indian Cookery Book (c.1900)--HELP
E J BANFIELD (1852-1923)
  • Last Leaves from Dunk Island--HELP
Maurice BARING (1874-1945)
  • "C"--coming soon
J. M. BARRIE (1860-1937)
Daisy BATES (1959?-1951)
  • The Passing of the Aborigines (1938)--HELP
J S BATTYE (1871-1954)
  • Western Australia: a History from its Discovery to the Inauguration of the Commonwealth HELP
Barbara BAYNTON (1857-1929)
  • Bush Studies (1902)--HELP
Louis BECKE (1855-1913)
  • Short Stories--HELP
  • Pacific Tales--coming soon
H BEDFORD-JONES (James O'BRIEN) (1887-1949)
  • D'Artagnan (1928)--HELP
  • Saint Michael's Gold--ZIP
  • The King's Passport (1928)--ZIP
Gertrude BELL (1868-1926) [edited by Florence Eveleen Eleanor (Olliffe) Bell (1851 - 1930)]
  • The Letters of Gertrude Bell, Volume 1 (1927)--HELP
  • The Letters of Gertrude Bell, Volume 2 (1927)--HTML (with images)
Stephen Vincent BENÉT (1898-1943)
  • We Stand United and other Radio Scripts (1940-1942)--HELP
A C (Arthur Christopher) BENSON (1862-1925)
  • Cressage (1927)--HELP
Earl Derr BIGGERS (1884-1933)
  • The House Without a Key (1925)--HELP
  • The Chinese Parrot (1926)--ZIP
  • Behind that Curtain (1928)--ZIP
  • The Black Camel (1929)--
  • Keeper of the Keys (1932)--ZIP
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Gregory BLAXLAND (1778-1853)
  • The Journal of Gregory Blaxland, 1813 (1913)--ZIPPED HTML Includes a number of photographs taken in 1913, at the time of the centenary of the crossing.edited by Frank Walker (1861-1948)
    (Incorporating "Journal of a Tour of Discovery Across the Blue Mountains, NSW, in the year 1813". HELP
Steen Steensen BLICHER (1782-1846)
  • Twelve Stories--Translated by Hanna Astrup Larsen (1873-1945)--HELP
Jean_Richard BLOCH (1884-1947)
  • "-- & Co." (1929) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--HELP
Frederick Bligh BOND (1864-1945)
  • The Gospel of Philip the Deacon(1932)--HELP
Guy BOOTHBY (1867-1905)
Ernest BRAMAH (1867-1942)
  • Max Carrados Mysteries: an Anthology--HELP
Alice M BROWNE (1848-1936)
  • That Colony of God--HELP
John BUCHAN (1875-1940) --See at the John Buchan Society web site for descriptions of many of the titles listed here.
  • John Macnab--HELP
  • The Three Hostages--HTML (This is the 4th book in a series featuring Richard Hannay. The first three The Thirty-Nine Steps, Greenmantle, and Mr. Standfast are available from Project Gutenberg in the US. The Thirty-Nine Steps was made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935.
  • The Dancing Floor (1926)--ZIPPED HTML (contains an image)--(Further adventures of Sir Edward Leithen may be found in The Power-House [Project Gutenberg in the US], John Macnab [above], The Gap in the Curtain [below], and 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' from The Runagates.)
  • Witch Wood (1927)--HELP
  • Castle Gay (1930)--HTML
  • The Runagates Club (1928)--HTML
  • A Prince of the Captivity (1933)--HTML
  • The Blanket of the Dark (1931)--ZIPPED HTML (contains an image)
  • The Free Fishers (1934)--HELP
  • The House of Four Winds (1935)--HTML
  • Sick Heart River (1941)--HTML
  • The Gap in the Curtain (1932)--HTML
  • The Island of Sheep (1932)--HELP
  • Midwinter (1923)--HTML--(An historical fiction set against the background of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745-46, this is the story of Alistair MacLean's adventures in England as he proceeds on his mission for Prince Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie). Dr. Samuel Johnson appears as one of the main characters.)
  • Lord Minto, A Memoir (1924)--HELP
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Thomas BURKE (1887-1945)
  • London in my Time (1934)--HELP
Edgar Rice BURROUGHS (1875-1950)
  • Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1923)--HELP
  • The Eternal Lover (1925)--ZIP
  • The War Chief (1926)--ZIP
  • The Mastermind of Mars (1927)--ZIP
  • A Fighting Man of Mars (1930)--ZIP
  • Apache Devil (1933)--HELP
  • Swords of Mars (1934)--ZIP
  • Pirates of Venus (1934)--HTML
  • Lost on Venus (1935)--HTML
  • Carson of Venus (1939)--HTML
  • Synthetic Men of Mars (1939)--HELP
  • Llana of Gathol (1941)--ZIP
  • Escape on Venus (1946)--HTML
  • The Land of Hidden Men [First published under the title JUNGLE GIRL(1931)]--HTML
  • The Girl from Hollywood (1923)--HTML
  • Land of Terror (1944)--HELP
  • The Lad and the Lion (1938)--HTML
  • Tarzan the Invincible (1930)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Leopard Men (1933)--HTML
  • Tarzan the Magnificent (1939)--HTML
  • The Moon Men (1926)--HELP
  • The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County (1940)--ZIP
  • Tarzan and the City of Gold (1933)--ZIP
  • The Bandit of Hell's Bend (1925)--HELP
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Ada CAMBRIDGE (1844-1926)
  • At Midnight and Other Stories--HELP
Edward CARPENTER (1844-1929)
  • The Intermediate Sex--HELP
Emily CARR (1871-1945) (Go to this comprehensive Emily Carr site)
  • Klee Wyck (1941)--HELP
  • The Book of Small (1942)--ZIP
  • The House of All Sorts (1944)--
William CARRON (A survivor of Kennedy's Expedition to Cape York in 1848)
  • Narrative of an Expedition Undertaken Under the Direction of E. B. Kennedy (1849)--HELP
Willa CATHER (1873-1947)
  • Sapphira and the Slave Girl (1940)--HELP
  • A Lost Lady (1923)--ZIP
  • Lucy Gayheart (1935)--ZIP
  • Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927)--ZIP
  • Shadows on the Rock (1931)--HTML
  • The Professor's House (1925)--HELP
  • Obscure Destinies--HTML
  • My Mortal Enemy--HTML
  • May. Not Under Forty--HTML
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
G K CHESTERTON (1874-1936) (Go to this comprehensive G K Chesterton site)
  • The Everlasting Man (1925)--HELP
  • St. Thomas Aquinas (1933)--ZIP
  • Tales of the Long Bow (1925)--ZIP
  • The Incredulity of Father Brown (1936)--ZIP
  • The Scandal of Father Brown--ZIP
  • The Secret of Father Brown--HELP
  • Four Faultless Felons--HTML
  • May. The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond--HTML
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Marcus CLARKE (1846-1881)
Ralph CONNOR (1860-1937)
Benedetto CROCE (1866-1952)
  • The Conduct of Life (1924)--ZIP--Translated from the Italian by Arthur Livingston (1883-1944) HELP
  • May. A New Voyage Round the World--HTML
Clarence DARROW
  • The Story of my Life--coming soon
Richard Harding DAVIS (1864-1916)
  • The Bar Sinister(1903)--HELP
Warwick DEEPING (1877-1950)
  • Sorrell and Son (1925)--HELP
  • Twenty-four Short Sermons on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation (1832)--ZIPPED HTML Only--includes 2 images HELP
Fyodor DOSTOEVSKY (1821-1881)
Lloyd C DOUGLAS (1877-1951)
  • The Robe (1942)--HELP
  • Magnificent Obsession (1929)--HTML
  • The Big Fisherman (1949)--HTML
Norman DOUGLAS (1868-1952)
  • London Street Games (1931)--HELP
  • Good-bye to Western Culture (1930)--ZIP
  • Experiments (1925)--ZIP
  • Siren Land (1923)--ZIP
  • Birds and Beasts of the Greek Anthology (1927)--HELP
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE (1859-1930)
  • The History of Spiritualism Vol I (1926)--HELP
  • The History of Spiritualism Vol II (1926)--
  • The Edge of the Unknown (1930)--HTML

Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.

Theodore DREISER (1871-1945)
  • An American Tragedy (1925)--ZIP HELP
  • Jennie Gerhardt (1911)--ZIP
Havelock ELLIS (1859-1939)
Gabriel ENGEL (1892-1952)
  • Gustav Mahler, Song Symphonist--HELP
Ernest FAVENC (1845-1908)
F Scott FITZGERALD (1896-1940)
  • The Great Gatsby (1944)--HELP
  • Tender is the Night (1933)--HTML
  • The Complete Pat Hobby Stories--HTML
  • Collected Short Stories--Individual stories are accessible from the F Scott Fitzgerald page.
Hulbert FOOTNER (1879-1944)
  • Death of a Celebrity--HELP
Sir John FRANKLIN (1786-1847)
  • Some Passages in the History of Van Diemen's Land--HELP
R Austin FREEMAN (1862-1943)
  • For the Defence, Dr. Thorndyke--HELP
  • A Silent Witness--ZIP
  • A Certain Dr Thorndyke--ZIP
  • Felo de Se--ZIP
  • Mr Polton Explains--ZIP
  • Pontifex Son and Thorndyke--ZIP
  • Dr Thorndyke Short Story Omnibus--ZIP--(The ZIP file includes images relating to the stories)
  • June. The Great Portrait Mystery and other stories--
  • June. The Jacob Street Mystery--ZIP
  • June. The Shadow of the Wolf--ZIP
  • June. When Rogues Fall Out--ZIP
  • June. Helen Vardon's Confession--ZIP
Robert Dean FRISBIE (1895-1948)
  • The Island of Desire (1944)--HELP
  • My Tahiti (1937)--ZIP
John GALSWORTHY (1867-1933)
  • A Modern Comedy [Second Trilogy of the Forsyte Saga (1922)]

Book 1 - The White Monkey (1924)--HELP
Book 2 - The Silver Spoon (1926) (Including the interlude, A Silent Wooing)--HTML
Book 3 - Swan Song (1928) (Including the interlude, Passersby)--HTML

  • End of the Chapter [Third Trilogy of the Forsyte Saga (1922)]

Book 1 - Maid in Waiting (1935)--HELP
Book 2 - Flowering Wilderness (1935)--HTML
Book 3 - Over the River (One More River) (1935)--HTML

  • On Forsyte 'Change (1930)--HELP

Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.

Mary GAUNT (1861-1942)
  • Kirkham's Find--HELP
  • End of the Earth (Short Stories)--ZIP
Kahlil GIBRAN (1883-1931)
  • The Prophet (1923)--HELP
  • Jesus the Son of Man (1928)--HTML
  • Titles below are all in June:
  • A Tear and a Smile (1914)--HTML
  • The Broken Wings (1912)--HTML
  • The Earth Gods (1931)--HTML
  • The Forerunner (1920)--HTML
  • The Garden of the Prophet (1933)--HTML
  • Lazarus and his Beloved (1929)--HTML
  • The Madman (1918)--HTML
  • Sand and Foam (1926)--HTML
  • Spirits Rebellious (1903)--HTML
  • The Wanderer (1932)--HTML
Frederick P GROVE (1879-1948)
H Rider HAGGARD (1856-1925)
  • Wisdom's Daughter (1923)--HELP
  • Heu-Heu (1924)--ZIP
  • Allan and the Ice Gods (1927)--ZIP
  • Queen of the Dawn (1925)--ZIP
  • The Treasure of the Lake (1926)--HTML
  • Belshazzar (1926)--ZIP
  • Heart of the World (1895)--ZIP
  • Joan Haste (1895)--ZIP
  • The Days of My Life Volume 1 (1926)--Autobiography--HELP
  • The Days of My Life Volume 2 (1926)--Autobiography--ZIP

Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.

Frank HARRIS (1856-1931)
  • Confessional--HELP
Charles Yale HARRISON (1898-1954)
  • Generals Die in Bed--HELP
William Gosse HAY (1875-1945)
  • The Escape of the Notorious Sir William Heans--HELP
James HILTON (1900-1954)
  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1934)--HELP
  • Lost Horizon (1933)--HTML
  • Was it Murder? (1952)--HTML
  • Random Harvest (1941)--HTML
  • Morning Journey (1951)--HTML
Adolf HITLER (1889-1945)
  • Mein Kampf--ZIP [Translated into English by James Murphy (died 1946)] HELP
Sir Albert HOWARD (died 1947) (Go to the Soil and Health site for more information about Howard, holistic agriculture, holistic health, self-sufficient living, and personal development)
  • An Agricultural Testament--HELP
  • Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease--ZIP
  • The Waste Products of Agriculture--ZIP
Stephen HUDSON (1868-1944) (Pseudonym of Sydney SCHIFF)
  • A True Story (1930)--HELP
W H HUDSON (1841-1922)
  • A Hind in Richmond Park (1923)--HELP
  • Nature in Downland (1900)--ZIP
  • May.Idle Days in Patagonia--ZIP
Fergus HUME (1859-1932)
Hamilton HUME and William HOVELL
  • Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip--HELP
Washington IRVING (1783-1859)
  • A Tour on the Prairies--HELP
Jens Peter JACOBSEN (1847-1885)
  • Marie Grubbe (1876)--ZIP Translated by Hanna Astrup LARSEN (1873-1945) HELP
  • Niels Lyhne (1880)--ZIPED HTML (includes image) Translated by Hanna Astrup LARSEN (1873-1945)
Herbert JENKINS (1876-1923)
  • Malcolm Sage, Detective--HELP
Edward (Ned) KELLY (1854-1880)
  • The Jerilderie Letter [Dictated to Joe Byrne in 1879]--HELP
John Maynard KEYNES (1883-1946)
  • The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money--HELP
Rudyard KIPLING (1865-1936)
  • Something of Myself (1937)--HELP
  • The Naulahka: A Story of West and East (1892)--Co-author: Wolcott Balestier--ZIP
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Raymond KNISTER (1899-1932)
  • White Narcissus--HELP
D H LAWRENCE (1885-1930)
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover (1928)--HELP
  • The Rainbow (1926)--ZIP
  • Kangaroo (1923)--ZIP
  • The Fox (1923)--HTML
  • The Ladybird (1923)--HTML
  • The Captain's Doll (1923)--HELP
  • The Plumed Serpent (1926)--ZIPPED HTML
  • The Virgin and the Gypsy (1930)--HTML
  • The Prussian Officer and Other Stories (1914)--HTML
  • The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories (1928)--HELP
  • Collected Short Stories--HTML (These stories are a group not originally published together or contained in the other collections posted, i.e. 'The Prussian Officer', 'The Woman Who Rode Away' [above] and 'England, My England' [at Project Gutenberg in the US].
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
  • PLAYS:
  • The Married Man (1912--revised 1926)--HELP
  • The Fight for Barbara (1912)--HTML
  • David (1926)--HTML
  • The Daughter-in-law (1912)--HTML
  • The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd (1914)--HTML
  • A Collier's Friday Night (c. 1909, first pub. 1934)--HELP
  • The Merry-go-round (1912)--HTML
  • Touch and Go (1920)--HTML
T E LAWRENCE (1888-1935)
  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1926)--HELP
Stephen LEACOCK (1869-1944)
  • Short Circuits (1938)--HELP
  • Winnowed Wisdom (1926)--HTML
  • The Pursuit of Knowledge--HTML
Ida LEE (1865-1943)
  • Early Explorers in Australia (1925)--HELP
Sinclair LEWIS (1885-1951)
  • Arrowsmith-- (1925)HELP
  • Dodsworth (1929)--ZIP
  • Cass Timberlane (1945)--ZIP
  • Kingsblood Royal (1947)--ZIP
  • Gideon Planish (1943)--ZIPPED HTML (zip file contains an image)
  • Elmer Gantry (1927)--HELP
  • It Can't Happen Here (1935)--HTML
  • The Prodigal Parents (1938)--HTML
  • World So Wide (1951)--HTML
  • Selected Short Stories (1935)--HTML
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Charles Herbert LIGHTOLLER (died 1952)
  • Titanic and Other Ships--HELP
Joseph C LINCOLN (1870-1944)
Lennie LOWER (1903-1947) (Lower is comprehensively covered at )
  • Here's Luck (1937)--HELP
  • Here's Another (1932)--ZIP
Arthur MACHEN (1863-1947)
  • The Three Impostors--HELP
  • Dreads and Drolls (1926)--ZIP
Maurice MAGNUS (M M)(1876-1920)
  • Memoirs of the Foreign Legion (1924)--HELP
Frederic MANNING (1882-1935)
  • The Middle Parts of Fortune--HELP
A E W MASON (1865-1948)
Katherine MAYO (1868?-1940)
Abraham MERRITT (1884-1943)
Margaret MITCHELL (1900-1949)
  • Gone with the Wind (1936)--ZIP HELP
L M MONTGOMERY (1874-1942)
  • Emily of New Moon (1923)--HELP
  • Emily Climbs (1925)--HTML
  • The Blue Castle (1926)--HTML
  • Emily's Quest (1927)--HTML
  • Magic for Marigold (1929)--HTML
  • A Tangled Web (1931)--HELP
  • Pat of Silver Bush (1933)--HTML
  • Mistress Pat (1935)--HTML
  • Anne of Windy Poplars (1936)--HTML
  • Jane of Lantern Hill (1937)--HTML
  • Anne of Ingleside (1939)--HELP
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Arthur MORRISON (1863-1945)
  • Detective Stories--HELP
Talbot MUNDY (1879-1940)
  • Jimgrim (1930)--HELP
  • The Devil's Guard (1926)--ZIP
  • Old Ugly-Face (1940)--ZIP
  • Her Reputation (1923)--ZIP
  • OM: The Secret of Ahbor Valley (1924)--ZIP
  • "C.I.D." (1933)--ZIP
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Frederick John NIVEN (1878-1944)
  • The Flying Years (1935)--HELP
John O'BRIEN (Patrick Joseph HARTIGAN) (1879-1952)
  • Around the Boree Log and Other Verses--HELP
Eugene O'NEILL (1888-1953) (Many earlier works by Eugene O'Neill can be found at
  • Tomorrow (1917)--HTML (O'Neill's only published short story tells of a suicide in a saloon where he lived in 1911. The character of Jimmy Tomorrow in "The Iceman Cometh"--see below--is also based on this character.) HELP
  • The Iceman Cometh (1946)--HTML
  • A Moon for the Misbegotten (1952)--HTML
  • Days Without End (1934)--HTML
  • All God's Chillun Got Wings (1924)--HTML
  • Desire Under the Elms (1925)--HELP
  • The Great God Brown (1926)--HTML
  • Welded (1924)--HTML
  • Diff'rent (1924)--HTML
  • The Fountain (1926)--HTML
  • Lazarus Laughed (1927)--HELP
  • Mourning Becomes Electra (1931)--HTML A Trilogy comprising Homecoming, The Hunted, The Haunted
  • Dynamo (1929)--HTML
  • Strange Interlude (1928)--HTML
Baroness Emmuska ORCZY (1865-1947)
George ORWELL (1903-1950)
  • Nineteen eighty-four (1949)--HELP
  • Animal Farm (1945)--ZIP
  • Coming up for Air (1939)--ZIP
  • Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936)--ZIP
  • A Clergyman's Daughter (1935)--ZIP
  • Burmese Days (1934)--HELP
  • Down and Out in Paris and London (1933)--ZIP
  • Shooting an Elephant (1936)--ZIP
  • Politics and the English Language (1946)--ZIP
  • The Road to Wigan Pier (1937)--ZIP
  • Homage to Catalonia (1938)--HELP
  • Fifty Orwell Essays--HTML
Gilbert PARKER (1862-1932)
Emily H PELLOE (1878-1941)
  • West Australian Orchids--HELP
Brian PENTON (1904-1951)
Luigi PIRANDELLO (1867-1936)
  • The Old and the Young (1928) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--HELP
  • The Late Mattia Pascal (1923) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
  • Shoot! (1926) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
Melville Davisson POST (1869-1930)
Weston A PRICE (died 1948) (Go to the Soil and Health site for more information about Price, holistic agriculture, holistic health, self-sufficient living, and personal development)
Marcel PROUST (1871-1922)
  • Swann's Way (1922) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--HELP
  • Within a Budding Grove (1924) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
  • The Guermantes Way (1925) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
  • Cities of the Plain (1927) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
  • The Captive (1929) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
  • The Sweet Cheat Gone (1930) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--HELP
  • Time Regained (1931) translated by Stephen Hudson [Sydney Schiff] (1868-1944)--ZIP
Marjorie Kinnan RAWLINGS (1896-1953)
  • The Yearling (1938)--ZIPPED HTML--(with images)--(illustrations by N. C. Wyeth) HELP
  • Cross Creek (1942)--HTML
  • The Sojourner (1953)--HTML
  • May. South Moon Under (1933)--HTML
Henry Handel RICHARDSON (1870-1946) Richardson's works are comprehensively covered at Perry Middlemiss' Literature Site
  • The Fortunes of Richard Mahony [trilogy] (1930)--ZIP Comprising...
  1. Australia Felix (1917)--HELP
  2. The Way Home (1925)--ZIP
  3. Ultima Thule (1929)--ZIP
  • Two Hanged Women--HELP
  • The End of a Childhood (Complete Stories of H H Richardson)--ZIP

Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.

O. E. (Ole Edvart) RĜLVAAG (1876-1931)
  • Giants in the Earth: a saga of the prairie (translated by Lincoln COLCORD (1883-1947)--coming soon

Steele RUDD (1868-1935)

  • Our New Selection (1903)--HELP
Rafael SABATINI (1875-1950)
Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY (1900-1944)
Sir Ernest SCOTT (1868-1939)
George Bernard SHAW (1856-1950)
  • Saint Joan (1924)--HELP
  • The Millionairess (1936)--HTML
  • Buoyant Billions (1948)--HTML
  • The Apple Cart (1929)--HTML
  • "In Good King Charles's Golden Days" (1939)--HTML
  • The Fascinating Foundling (1928)--HELP
  • The Glimpse of Reality (1927)--HTML
  • The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles (1935)--ZIPPED HTML
  • Village Wooing (1934)--HTML
  • The Six of Calais (1934)--HTML
  • Geneva (1938)--HELP
  • On the Rocks (1933)--ZIPPED HTML
  • Too True to be Good (1932)--HTML
  • Cymbeline Refinished (1936)--HTML
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Mary SHELLEY (1797-1851)
Hester Travers SMITH (1868-1949)
  • Oscar Wilde from Purgatory (1924)--HELP
Joseph STALIN (1879-1953)
  • Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R.--HELP
STENDAHL (Marie Henri Beyle) (1783-1842)
  • The Red and the Black (1831)--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--HELP
  • The Charterhouse of Parma (1839)--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
  • Armance--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
  • The Abbess of Castro, etc.--translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--ZIP
Mary E STEUART (c.1832-1920)
  • Every Day Life on a Ceylon Cocoa Estate--HELP
Lothrop STODDARD (1883-1950)
  • Into The Darkness (1940)--HELP
Alan SULLIVAN (1868-1947)
  • Under the Northern Lights (1926)--HELP
Rabindranath TAGORE (1861-1941)
Abel Jansz TASMAN (1603-1659)
  • The Journal of Abel Jansz Tasman--HELP
Dylan THOMAS (1914-1953)
  • Collected Poems, 1934-1952--HELP
James TUCKER (1803-1866)--
  • The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh (1929)--Substantially edited--HELP
  • Ralph Rashleigh (1952)--First authentic popular edition--ZIP
Ivan TURGENEV (1818-1883)
  • A Month in the Country--HTML Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett (1861-1946) HELP
Mark TWAIN (Samuel CLEMENS) (1835-1910) (Visit Dr Widger's Library for other Twain eBooks)
S S VAN DINE (Willard Huntington Wright) (1887-1939)
  • The Benson Murder Case (1926)--ZIPPED HTML (The zipped HTML archive contains 4 images which relate to the story) HELP
  • The "Canary" Murder Case (1927)--ZIPPED HTML (The zipped HTML archive contains 5 images which relate to the story)
  • The Bishop Murder Case (1928)--ZIPPED HTML (The zipped HTML archive contains 5 images which relate to the story)
  • The Scarab Murder Case (1930)--ZIPPED HTML (The zipped HTML archive contains 6 images which relate to the story)
  • The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1938)--ZIP
  • The Casino Murder Case (1934)--HELP
  • The Dragon Murder Case (1933)--ZIPPED HTML (The zip archive contains 1 image which relates to the story)
  • The Kennel Murder Case--ZIPPED HTML (The zip archive contains 4 images which relate to the story)
  • The Kidnap Murder Case (1936)--HTML
Dorothy WALL (1894-1942)
  • Blinky Bill --HELP
  • Blinky Bill and Nutsy--HTML
  • Blinky Bill Grows Up--HTML
  • The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill--ZIPPED HTML (includes the above 3 ebooks and images) (3 mb)
Edgar WALLACE (1875-1932)
  • The Mind of Mr J G Reeder--HELP
  • The House with Seven Locks--ZIP
Hugh Seymour WALPOLE (1884-1941)
  • Jeremy and Hamlet (1923)--HELP
  • Jeremy at Crale (1927)--HTML (The first book in the 'Jeremy' trilogy is available from Project Gutenberg in the U.S.)
  • Captain Nicholas (1934)--HTML
  • Hans Frost (1929)--HTML
  • Harmer John (1926)--HTML
  • Portrait of a Man with Red Hair (1925)--HELP
  • Above the Dark Tumult: An Adventure (Also published as Above the Dark Circus) (1931)--HTML
  • The Inquisitor (1935)--HTML
  • The Old Ladies (1924)--HTML
  • The Herries Chronicle:--The author describes the series as follows: "My intention is simply to record scenes from the life of an English family during two hundred years of English change and fortune, and beyond that to pay a tribute to a part of England that I dearly love." The four books in the chronicle are...
  • Rogue Herries (1930)--ZIPPED HTML (with image of Herries family tree.) HELP
  • Judith Paris (1931)--ZIPPED HTML (with image of Herries family tree.)
  • The Fortress (1932)--HTML
  • Vanessa (1933)--HTML

     Other Herries novels...

  • The Bright Pavillons (1940)--HTML This is a prequel to the Herries Chronicles, taking place prior to the four books listed above, which were published earlier. Katherine Christian should tie them together, but was unfinished at the time the author's death (see below) HELP
  • Katherine Christian (1944)--HTML
In his foreword to the collected volume of The Herries Chronicle(1939), Sir Hugh Walpole wrote: "In the middle of the last war, sitting in the mud in trenches near the Carpathians, I comforted my soul with visions of an English Chronicle that would stretch, without break, from the days of Elizabeth to our modern time. The half of that ambition is accomplished, and I hope, if my life is spared, to fulfil the rest of it." The Bright Pavilions (1940) went some way towards fulfilling his intention. The story of Katherine Christian then begins where The Bright Pavilions left off, and Walpole worked on it until his death. The last page of manuscript is dated 24th May, 1941, and he died suddenly on 1st June. He did not leave any notes or other indications of the conclusion of the plot. However, whilst Katherine Christian was not quite finished, it was complete enough to be published as the last novel in the Herries Chronicle.
Thomas WATLING (b. 1762)
  • Letters from an Exile at Botany Bay (1794)--ZIP (to his aunt in Dumfries giving a particular account of the settlement of New South Wales, with the customs and manners of the inhabitants.) HELP
H G WELLS (1866-1946)
  • Men Like Gods (1923)--HELP
  • The Autocracy of Mr. Parham(1929)--HTML
  • What are we to do with our lives?--HTML
  • The Shape of Things to Come(1933)--HTML
  • The New World Order (1940)--HTML
  • The Adventures of Tommy--HTML (Children's story written and illustrated by Wells) HELP
  • May. The Croquet Player--HTML
  • Other titles are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.
Edith WHARTON (1862-1937)
  • Certain People (1930)--ZIP Comprising the following stories...
  1. A Bottle of Perrier--HELP
  2. After Holbein--ZIP
  3. Atrophy--ZIP
  4. Dieu D'Amour--ZIP
  5. The Refugees--ZIP
  6. Mr. Jones--ZIP
  • Old New York (1924) Comprising the following novellas...
  1. False Dawn (The 'Forties)--HELP
  2. The Old Maid (The 'Fifties)--ZIP
  3. The Spark (The 'Sixties)--ZIP
  4. New Year'S Day (The 'Seventies)--ZIP
  • A Backward Glance (memoir) (1934)--HELP
  • Hudson River Bracketed (1929)--HTML
  • Twilight Sleep (1927)--HTML
  • The Children (1928)--HTML
  • The Gods Arrive (1932)--HTML
  • The Mother's Recompense (1925)--HTML
Ethel Lina WHITE (1887-1944)
  • The Spiral Staircase--ZIP (Originally published as Some Must Watch) HELP
John WHITE (1757/8-1832)
  • Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales--HELP
Stewart Edward WHITE (1873-1946)
  • The Road I Know(1942)--HELP
  • The Stars Are Still There (1946)--ZIP
  • The Betty Book (1937)--ZIP
  • The Unobstructed Universe (1940)--ZIP
  • With Folded Wings (1947)--ZIP
  • Across the Unknown--ZIP (with Harwood WHITE)
Charles WILLIAMS (1886-1945)
  • Descent into Hell--HELP
  • Many Dimensions--ZIP
  • All Hallows' Eve--ZIP
Woodrow WILSON
  • The Road Away from Revolution--HELP
George WITTON (1874-1942)
  • Scapegoats of the Empire: The True Story of Breaker Morant's Bushveldt Carbineers--HELP
Thomas WOLFE (1900-1938)
  • Look Homeward, Angel (1929)--HELP
  • Of Time and The River (1935)--ZIPPED HTML
Virginia WOOLF (1882-1941)
  • Monday or Tuesday (Short Stories--1921)--HELP
  • Mrs Dalloway (Novel--1925)--HTML
  • The Common Reader (Essays--1925)--ZIPPED HTML (includes image of Greek characters)
  • The Common Reader Second Series (Essays--1935)--HTML
  • To the Lighthouse (Novel--1927)--ZIP
  • Orlando: A Biography (Novel--1928)--HELP
  • A Room of One's Own (Essay--1929)--ZIP
  • The Waves (Novel--1931)--HTML
  • Three Guineas (Essay--1938)--ZIPPED HTML (includes image of Greek characters)
  • Flush: A Biography (1933)--HTML
  • Between the Acts (Novel 1941)--HELP
  • The Years (Novel 1937)--HTML
  • Collected Essays--ZIP
  • Collected Short Stories--ZIP

The following Virginia Woolf titles, also in the public domain in Australia, are available from Project Gutenberg in the US.

George B WORGAN (1757-1838)
  • Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon--HELP
Dudley WRIGHT (1868-1949)
  • The Epworth Phenomena (1917)--HELP

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