OKeh Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan Last update: June 9, 2003

The OKeh Record label was founded in Germany in 1910, by Carl Linstrom, a German who owned record labels in several countries. In 1918 the OKeh label was established in the United States under Otto Heineman, who was backed by Linstrom. During World War I, the OKeh Label was reorganized as a US company called General Phonograph Corporation, based in New York City. OKeh recorded all types of music, but in 1920 it started the black music recording industry by recording and releasing Mamie Smith's "Crazy Blues." In the following decade it distinguished itself by recording blues and jazz, including Louis Armstrong's Hot Five and Hot Seven Combos.

In 1926, the General Phonograph Corporation was sold to the Columbia Phonograph Company. Eight years later, the Columbia Phonograph Company itself was purchased by the American Record Corporation (ARC). The new company kept the Columbia and Vocalion label names but dropped the OKeh label. In 1938, the Columbia Broadcasting System purchased ARC, and two years later, CBS revived the OKeh name by changing the name of the Vocalion label to OKeh.

OKeh, as a division of record giant Columbia, was independently distributed and used for rhythm and blues releases. Columbia knew that their mainstream distribution network could not handle rhythm and blues effectively, so they farmed out the distribution of the OKeh label to distributors more in tune with the record shops, clubs, disc jockeys and radio stations involved with rhythm and blues.

In the early 1950s, OKeh hit it big with Detroit-based crooner Johnnie Ray, whose plaintive weeping rocketed his "Cry" to the #1 spot on the pop charts. It was an anomaly for the label, which was issuing mostly R&B material by Chuck Willis, Joe Williams, Red Sanders, and the Ravens. Ray soon switched labels to the more pop-based parent label, Columbia.

In 1956, OKeh released the outrageous "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, which didn't chart, but has nevertheless become a '50s classic, perhaps being better known today than it was in the 1950s. There were also several minor chart hits in 1957, including "Peanuts" by Little Joe & the Thrillers, "Shirley" by the Schoolboys, and "Dumplin's" by Doc Bagby.

By the early 'sixties the label was practically inactive. In 1961, the label showed some signs of life when Atlanta-based blues pianist Willie "Piano Red" Perryman, who had amused and entertained rhythm and blues audiences since the 1940s with his zany, inimitable style, joined OKeh. Perryman and his group of musicians, at that time not yet named, gathered in Columbia's Nashville studio at 2:30 in the afternoon on May 31, 1961, and by 6:30 had recorded eight new songs, including a remake of Piano Red's 1950 hit "The Wrong Yo-Yo" [RCA Victor 50-0106]. They also recorded an original song which the Beatles would make very famous a few years later -- "Mister Moonlight" -- and another novelty song, "Doctor Feel-Good," about a "doctor of love" who only liked women who weighed over 400 lbs. When the latter song was released on January 5, 1962, the group became known as Dr. Feelgood & the Interns. Although "Dr. Feel-Good" and followup "Right String But the Wrong Yo-Yo" both charted, and a subsequent album was issued, we have been left all these years with the question, "Who were the Interns?" We knew that "Dr. Feelgood" was Willie Perryman, who played piano on the session, but from the recording session sheet, we can now say with assurance that the others were Roy Lee Johnson, Jr. (guitar), Howard Hobbs (bass), Bobby Lee Tuggle (drums), Curtis Smith (guitar), and Beverly Watkins (guitar). [Whew. Another mystery solved.]

In June, 1962, Dave Kapralik, the head of the A&R department at Columbia, hired veteran Chicago producer Carl Davis as an A&R producer for the Columbia label and in April, 1963, made him the A&R director for OKeh. Davis immediately hired Curtis Mayfield as an Associate Producer; Mayfield was at that time a singer/songwriter with the Impressions and a much-respected figure in the Chicago music scene. Davis and Mayfield were able to rejuvenate the label and within a year OKeh became a major soul label. Almost all of the hits on OKeh were written by Curtis Mayfield and produced by Carl Davis in Chicago. The sound that Davis and Mayfield created is often called "Chicago Soul". The music featured brass instruments and highly melodic vocals, and was the foundation for the later Chicago rock sound of groups like the Buckinghams, Mob, Mauds, and the Chicago Transit Authority [Chicago], which picked up on the brass, especially. The "Chicago Soul" records did not have the hard rock and roll beat that characterized the Motown and Stax soul records of the time, but reflected an easier, more relaxed, mood. Carl Davis had huge hits with Major Lance, and moderate chart hits with Ted Taylor, Walter Jackson, Billy Butler and the Enchanters and the Artistics.

During the time that Davis was Director of A&R for OKeh, he continued to produce artists on other labels, including Gene Chandler on Vee Jay and Constellation and Mary Wells on Atco, a situation which Dave Kapralik at Columbia discreetly ignored. The downfall for OKeh came in 1965 with a corporate reorganization at Columbia. Columbia management decided to separate the Columbia and Epic labels, and OKeh was put under the Epic organization headed by Len Levy. Levy did not get along with Carl Davis, and when Davis produced a big hit for Mary Wells titled "Dear Lover" on Atco, Levy made an issue of Carl's moonlighting. Davis quit and went to Brunswick. With Davis gone, arranger Johnny Pate and songwriter Curtis Mayfield also lost interest in OKeh.

OKeh still had a pretty good year in 1966 on the strength of the productions that Carl Davis left in the vaults, but from there it started going downhill. Production duties were taken by Larry Williams on the West Coast and Ted Cooper, who produced Walter Jackson from the East Coast. If the "Chicago Soul" sound had left with Davis, Williams worked to create an "Angel Town Sound" from L.A. He brought Johnny "Guitar" Watson to the label, as well as getting his old Specialty label-mate Little Richard on board. Williams re-recorded both his own and Little Richard's Greatest Hits, as well as some albums with Watson, but hits were increasingly hard to come by, and the "Angel Town Sound" never really took off. By 1969, Richard Parker was hired as A&R chief to resuscitate a dying label, but he didn't make much progress. Columbia quietly shut it down at the end of 1970.

During the 1960s, OKeh put out a mere 30 albums, none of which reflected the rich legacy of music recorded before 1960. This was partly rectified in 1993 with the wonderful 3-CD box set The OKeh Rhythm and Blues Story 1949-1957 [Epic/OKeh/Legacy E3K 48912] compiled by Bob Irwin and Vic Anesini of Sony/Legacy. Other compact disc offerings and various artists albums have also somewhat filled the gap.

This discography was prepared using our own collections, original research from the Sony Music Archives, Schwann Catalogs from 1960 to 1970, The History of the OKeh Record Label 1918- 1960 by Rick Dembinsky in Record Finder, and Chicago Soul by Robert Pruter (who is acknowledged as the foremost research authority on Chicago soul).

The OKeh label was purple with gold printing, with "OKeh" in script above the center hole. The mono series was the OKM-12100 series, with corresponding stereo numbers in the OKS-14100 series.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail at okeh@bsnpubs.com. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Okeh Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (all of which are out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1998, 2003 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

OKM-12100/OKS-14100 - God Glorifies - Sons Of Glory [1962] Use Me Lord/Death Draws Nigh/Working For My Lord/I'll Journey On/I Thank The Lord/I'm Going To Take A Ride/God Glorifies/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Shelter For Me

OKM-12101/OKS-14101 - Doctor Feelgood - Dr. Feelgood & Interns [1962] Doctor Feel-Good (S)/I'll Give Anything (S)/The Swabble (S)/I'll Be Home One Day (S)/I Ain't Gonna Be A Lowdown Dog No More (S)/Bald-Headed Lena (S)//What's Up Doc (S)/Mister Moonlight (S)/Sea Breeze (S)/Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo (S)/Love Is Amazing (S)/Don't Let Me Catch You Wrong (S)

OKM-12102 -

OKM-12103 - Cabbage Greens - Jack Dupree [1963] Apparently issued in mono only. Cabbage Greens #1/Gambling Man Blues/Morning Tea/Chain Gang Blues/Big Time Mama/Warehouse Man Blues/Jackie P. Blues/Black Woman Swing//Dupree Shake Dance/Junker's Blues/All Along Blues/Angola Blues/Bad Health Blues/Weed Head Woman/Heavy Heart Blues/Cabbage Greens #2

OKM-12104/OKS-14104 - Be Ever Wonderful - Ted Taylor [1963] Be Ever Wonderful/Can't Take No More/Close Your Eyes/That's Life I Guess/I'll Release You/Pretending Love//You Give Me Nothing To Go On/Him Instead Of Me/Don't Lie/St. James Infirmary/You Must Have Been Meant For Me/This Love Of Mine

OKM-12105/OKS-14105 - The Monkey Time - Major Lance [8/63] (10-63, #113) The Monkey Time (E)/Mama Didn't Know (E)/Watusi (S)/The Bird (S)/Pride And Joy (S)/Delilah (S)//Land Of A Thousand Dances (S)/Hitchhike (S)/Soldier Boy (S)/Just One Look (S)/What's Happening (S)/Keep On Loving You (S)

OKM-12106/OKS-14106 - Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um: The Best of Major Lance - Major Lance [2/64] (3-64, #100) Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um (S)/Hey Little Girl (S)/Gypsy Woman (S)/Gotta Right To Cry (S)/Little Young Lover (S)/That's What Mama Say (S)//The Monkey Time (E)/It's All Right (S)/Mama Didn't Know (E)/Think Nothing About It (S)/You'll Want Me Back (S)/I'm The One (S)

OKM-12107/OKS-14107 - It's All Over - Walter Jackson [1965] It's All Over/A Blossom Fell/That's What Mama Say/It Will Be The Last Time/Opportunity/I Don't Want To Suffer//There Goes That Song Again/What Would You Do/Lee Cross/Then Only Then/This World Of Mine/Funny (Not Much)

OKM-12108/OKS-14108 - Welcome Home - Walter Jackson [1965] My Funny Valentine/Moonlight In Vermont/Let It Be Me/Suddenly I'm All Alone/Imagination/Welcome Home//Moon River/Blowin' In The Wind/The Magic's Gone/Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)/Still At The Mercy Of Your Love/Where Have All The Flowers Gone

OKM-12109/OKS-14109 - Blues And Soul - Ted Taylor [1965] Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)/Fannie Mae/Stay Away From My Baby/Find Me A New Love/I'm So Satisfied/Get Away//(Love Is Like A) Ramblin' Rose/Big Wheel/Did She Mention My Name?/Why Do Fools Fall In Love?/No One But You/The Seventh Son

OKM-12110/OKS-14110 - Major's Greatest Hits - Major Lance [6/65] (9-65, #109) The Monkey Time (E)/Come See (S)/Sometimes I Wonder (S)/Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um (S)/Girls (S)/Sweet Music (S)//Ain't It A Shame (S)/Hey Little Girl (S)/The Matador (S)/Rhythm (S)/It Ain't No Use (S)/Gotta Get Away (S)

OKM-12111/OKS-14111 - Shout! - Vibrations [1965] Talkin' 'Bout Love/Misty/End Up Crying/Watusi Time/Ain't Love That Way/Finding Out The Hard Way//Medley: What'd I Say-Shout/Sloop Dance/Keep On Keeping On/Hello Happiness

OKM-12112/OKS-14112 - Misty - Vibrations [1966] I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Gina/My Prayer/The Story Of A Starry Night/Misty//Days Of Wine And Roses/Tonight/I Wish You Love/What Kind Of Fool Am I/Stardust

OKM-12113/OKS-14113 - Greatest Hits - Ted Taylor [1966] Stay Away From My Baby/Don't Lie/Ramblin' Rose/Don't Deceive Me/It Ain't Like That No More/Need You Home/(others)

OKM-12114/OKS-14114 - New Vibrations - Vibrations [1966] Everybody Loves A Lover/And I Love Her/Secret Love/For Your Love/Soul A Go-Go//Canadian Sunset/One Mint Julep/Our Day Will Come/Forgive And Forget/Gonna Get Along Without You Now

OKM-12115/OKS-14115 - Right Track - Billy Butler [1966] Right Track/Can't Live Without Her/Found True Love/Boston Monkey/Tomorrow's Another Day//(I've Got A Feeling) You're Gonna Be Sorry/I Can't Work No Longer/Nevertheless/Gotta Get Away/(You Make Me Think) You Ain't Ready

OKM-12116 -

OKM-12117/OKS-14117 - The Explosive Little Richard - Little Richard [1967] I Don't Want To Discuss It/Land Of A Thousand Dances/The Commandments Of Love/Money/Poor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own Tail)//I Need Love/Never Gonna Let You Go/Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)/Function At The Junction/Well

OKM-12118/OKS-14118 - Bad - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [1967] Hold On, I'm Comin'/Fever/Coke/Knock On Wood/Unchain My Heart//Comin' Home Baby/Skate Key/Summertime/Wolfman/Reach Out I'll Be There

OKM-12119/OKS-14119 - Get My Hands On Some Lovin' - Artistics [1967] Get My Hands On Some Lovin'/I'll Leave It Up To You/Patty Cake/So Much Love In My Heart/I'll Come Running//This Heart Of Mine/What'll I Do/Loveland/I Need Your Love/In Another Man's Arms

OKM-12120/OKS-14120 - Speak Her Name - Walter Jackson [1967] (6-67, #194) They Don't Give Medals/Speak Her Name/Tear For Tear/She's A Woman/Not You/My One Chance To Make It/It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom/I'll Keep On Trying/Corner In The Sun/After You There Can Be Nothing

OKM-12121/OKS-14121 - Greatest Hits: Recorded Live! - Little Richard [1967] (8-67, #184) All tracks live. Lucille (S)/The Girl Can't Help It (S)/Tutti Frutti (S)/Send Me Some Lovin' (S)/Long Tall Sally (S)/Get Down With It (S)//True Fine Mama (S)/Jenny, Jenny (S)/Good Golly Miss Molly (S)/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (S)/Anyway You Want Me (S)/You Gotta Feel It (S)

OKM-12122/OKS-14122 - Two For The Price Of One - Larry Williams & Johnny Watson [1967] Two For The Price Of One/Keep On Lovin' You/Ask Me/Ain't Gonna Move/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy//Too Late/Love Is Such A Funny Thing/Takin' No Chances/I'd Rather Fight Than Switch/A Quitter Never Wins

OKM-12123/OKS-14123 - Greatest Hits - Larry Williams [1967] Short Fat Fannie/Hootchy-Koo/I Hear My Baby/Just Because/Bony Moronie//Slow Down/Boss Lovin'/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/I Got a Woman/Mary Ann

OKM-12124/OKS-14124 - In The Fats Bag - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [1967] Makin' Woopee!/Undecided/Sweet Sue Just You/Willow Weep For Me/What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)//There'll Be Some Changes Made/Blues For Fats Waller And Company/S'Posin'/Ain't Misbehavin'/I Used To Love You (But It's All Over Now)

OKM-12125/OKS-14125 - Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes - Dorothy Love Coates & Gospel Harmonettes [1967] Human Bondage/In That Mornin'/(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley/I'll Be With Thee/I'll Be Satisfied Then//Strange Man/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Christian Army/The Handwriting On The Wall/Prayin' Time


OKM-12127/OKS-14127 - Ninety Eight Cents Plus Tax - Detroit City Limits [1968] Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing/Cowboys To Girls/By The Time I Get To Pheonix/Think/La-la-la (Means I Love You)/Ninety-Eight Cents Plus Tax/Honey Chile/Do You Know The Way To San Jose/I Could Never Love Another/Dance To The Music/Big Top

OKM-12128/OKS-14128 - Greatest Hits - Walter Jackson [1969] Speak Her Name/Lee Cross/Welcome Home/After You There Can Be Nothing/A Corner In The Sun/Funny It's All Over/Tear For Tear/It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom/My Ship Is Comin' In/Suddenly I'm All Alone

OKM-12129/OKS-14129 - Greatest Hits - Vibrations [1969] Love In Them There Hills/For Your Love/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Sloop Dance/Medley: What'd I Say-Shout//Canadian Sunset/And I Love Her/Watusi Time/Misty/Our Day Will Come/Remember The Rain

OKM-12130/OKS-14130 - Love City - Black Velvet [1969] Love City/Just Came Back/Love Me Now/Look Ahead/Everything Is For You//I Shall Be Released/Walking Together (Me And You)/Come On Heart/Hey Jude/Echoes


K-1117 - Happiness Is Piano Red: Dr. Feelgood Underground Atlanta - Piano Red [1970] All tracks live. Underground Atlanta (S)/The Right String But the Wrong Yo Yo (S)/Coo Cha (S)/Rockin' With Red (S)/Sixty Minute Man (S)/Sugar Bee (S)//I Want A Bowlegged Woman (S)/Corrine Corrina (S)/Good Rockin' Tonight (S)/Red's Boogie (S)/Low Down Dog (S)/Shake Rattle And Roll (S)

ACL1-0547(e) - Rockin' with Red - Piano Red [1974] RCA material from 1949-51. Rockin' With Red (E)/The Wrong Yo-Yo (E)/Red's Boogie (E)/Count The Days I'm Gone (E)/Well Well Baby (E)//Wild Fire (E)/Big Rock Joe From Kokomo (E)/Diggin' The Boogie (E)/It Makes No Difference Now (E)

ED 122 - What's Up Doc? - Dr. Feelgood & the Interns [1983] Reissue of the OKeh material, including later OKeh and Columbia singles. Doctor Feel-Good (S)/Bald Headed Lena (S)/What's Up Doc (S)/Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo (S)/Mister Moonlight (S)/I'll Give You Anything (S)/I'll Be Home One Day (S)/Don't Let Me Catch You Wrong (S)//Blang Dong (S)/The Doctor's Boogie (S)/Let's have A Good Time Tonight (M)/The Same Old Things Keep Happening (M)/My Gal Jo (M, OKeh 7167 version)/Don't Tell Me No Dirty (M)/Where Did You Go (M)/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (M)

ED 124 - Monkey Time - Major Lance [1983] The Monkey Time (M)/Sometimes I Wonder (S)/Um Um Um Um Um Um (S)/Girls (You Don't Know Me) (S)/Rhythm (S)/Sweet Music (S)/Ain't It A Shame (S)/The Matador (S)//Hey Little Girl (S)/Come See (S)/You'll Want Me back (S)/Delilah (S)/It Ain't No Use (S)/Think Nothing About It (S)/Mama Didn't Know (M)/Gotta Get Away (S)

P-17702 - Major Lance's Swingin'est Hits - Major Lance [3/84] Don't Fight It (M)/Delilah (M)/The Monkey Time (E)/Hey Little Girl (S)//Um Um Um Um Um Um (S)/The Matador (S)/Ain't It A Shame (S)/Come On Have Yourself A Good Time (S)


A 37649 - OKeh Rhythm & Blues - Various Artists [1989] All tracks mono. I'm Coming Down With The Blues - Smiley Lewis/Tore Up - Smiley Lewis/Lawdy Miss Mary - Chuck Willis/Whole Lot-Ta Shakin' Goin' On - Big Maybelle/Stay Away From My Sam - Big Maybelle/New Kind Of Mambo - Big Maybelle/I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins/Big Mary's - Titus Turner/Christmas Morning- Titus Turner/Don't Take Everybody To Be Your Friend - Titus Turner/What More Do You Want Me To Do - Larry Darnell/Gotta Find My Baby - Ravens/Midnight Blues - Ravens/My Baby's Gone - Ravens/Cry - Johnnie Ray/Somebody To Love - Sandmen/Hey Little Schoolgirl - Marquees/Baby You're My Only Love - Billy Stewart/Please Say You Want Me - Schoolboys/Ding-A-Ling Coo Coo Mop - Schoolboys/Pretend You're Still Mine - Sheppards/Say Hey (Willie Mays Song) - Treniers/Don't Worry Me - Paul Gayten/It Ain't Nothin' Happening - Paul Gayten/Peanuts - Little Joe & Thrillers/Dumplin's - Doc Bagby/Hambone - Red Saunders/Get Down With It - Little Richard

A 37321 - OKeh Soul - Various Artists [1990] Delilah - Major Lance (M)/Monkey Time - Major Lance (M)/Um Um Um Um Um Um - Major Lance (M)/Hey Little Girl - Major Lance (M)/You'll Want Me Back - Major Lance (M)/Think Nothing About It - Major Lance (M)/The Matador - Major Lance (M)/Rhythm - Major Lance (M)/Found True Love - Billy Butler & Enchanters (M)/You Ain't Ready - Billy Butler & Enchanters (M)/Gotta Get Away - Billy Butler & Enchanters (M)/I Can't Work No Longer - Billy Butler & Enchanters (M)/Welcome Home - Walter Jackson (S)/That's What Mama Say - Walter Jackson (M)/What Would You Do - Walter Jackson (M)/My Ship Is Coming In - Walter Jackson (S)/It's An Uphill Climb - Walter Jackson (S)/It's All Over - Walter Jackson (S)/Does It Matter - Opals (M)/Patty Cake - Artistics (M)/Get My Hands On Some Lovin' - Artistics (M)/This Heart Of Mine - Artistics (M)/Misty - Vibrations (M)/Forgive And Forget - Vibrations (M)

BCD 15685 DI - The Doctor's In - Piano Red aka Dr. Feelgood & the Interns [1993] (4- CD box set) Disc 1: Piano Red: Jumpin' The Boogie (M)/Rockin' With Red (M)/Let's Have A Good Time Tonight (M)/Red's Boogie (M, 1950 version)/The Wrong Yo Yo (M, 1950 version)/My Gal Jo (M, 1950 version)/Baby What's Wrong (M)/Well Well Baby (M)/Just Right Bounce (M)/Diggin' The Boogie (M)/Layin' The Boogie (M)/Bouncin' With Red (M)/It Makes No Difference Now (M)/Hey Good Lookin' (M)/Count The Days I'm Gone (M)/My Boogie (M)/The Sales Tax Boogie (M)/Voo Doopee Doo (M)/Daybreak (M)/She Walks Right In (M)/I'm Gonna Tell Everybody (M)/I'm Gonna Rock Some More (M)/She's Dynamite (M)/Everybody's Boogie (M)/Your Mouth's Got A Hole In It (M)/Right And Ready (M)/Taxi Taxi 6963 (M)/Decatur Street Boogie (M)/Sober (M)/She Knocks Me Out (M, 1954 version)/Going Away Baby (M)/Chitlin' Hop (M); Disc 2: Decatur Street Blues (M)/I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes (M)/Big Rock Joe From Kokomo (M)/Pay It No Mind (M)/Jump Man Jump (M)/Do She Love Me (M)/She Knocks Me Out (M, 1956 version)/Peachtree Parade (M)/Red's Blues (M)/Six O'clock Bounce (M)/Jumpin' With Daddy (M)/Gordy's Rock (M)/Real Good Thing (M)/Goodbye [with Four Students] (M)/Please Tell Me Baby (M)/You Were Mine For Awhile (M)/Sweetest Little Something In The World (Ol' Man River) (M)/Since I Fell For You (M)/Woo-EE (M)/Rock Baby (M)/Teach Me To Forget (M)/Wild Fire (M)/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (M)/South (M)/Coo Cha (M)/Dixie Roll (M)/Boston Scored (M)/One Glimpse Of Heaven (M)/Blues Blues (M)/Work With It (M)/Eighter From Decatur (M)/Please Come Back Home (M)/Comin' On (M); Disc 3: Ain't Nobody's Fool [with Bertha Colbert] (M, live)/Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo (M, live)/Don't Get Around Much Anymore (M, live)/Umph Umph Umph (M, live)/Got You On My Mind (M, live)/It's Time To Boogie (M, live)/That's My Desire (M, live)/Teen-Age Bounce (M, live)/Pay It No Mind (M, live)/Hey Good Lookin' (M, live)/I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes (M, live)/Rockin' With Red (M, live)/Get Up Mare (M, with dubbed handclaps)/1,2,3 (M)/My Baby (M)/Rock And Roll Boogie (M)/Nighttime (M)/So Worried (M)/Blues Blues (M)/Boogie Re-Bop (M, with studio talk)/This Old World (M)/I Feel Good (M)/Talk To Me [with Meter-Tones] (M)/Believe In Me [with Meter-Tones] (M)/Guitar Walk (M)/I've Been Rockin' (M)/Rockin' With Red (M, 1960 version)/So Shook Up [with Curtis Smith] (M); Disc 4: Dr. Feelgood & Interns: Doctor Feel-Good (S)/Mister Moonlight (S)/The Swabble (S)/Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo Yo (S)/I'll Be Home One Day (S)/Sea Breeze (S)/I Ain't Gonna Be A Lowdown Dog No More (S)/Don't Let Me Catch You Wrong (S)/What's Up Doc (S)/I'll Give Anything (S)/Love Is Amazing (S)/Bald-Headed Lena (S)/I Feel Good (S)/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (S, alternate version)/The Same Old Things Keep Happening (S)/Let's Have A Good Time Tonight (S)/My Gal Jo (M, 1963 OKeh version)/Blang Dong (S)/I Don't Mind (S)/I'm Gonna Rock Some More (S)/The Doctor's Boogie (S)/Let The House Rock On (S)/Doctor Of Love (S)/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (S, 1964 version)/Good Guys (S)/Goodbye (I Can't Forget) (S)/Don't Tell Me No Dirty (M)/Where Did You Go (M)

E3K-48912 - The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957 - Various Artists [1993] All tracks mono. Disc 1: Rock The Joint - Chris Powell & Five Blue Flames/That's Right - Chris Powell & Five Blue Flames/Chicken Shack Boogie - Five Scamps/No Wine No Women - Mr. Google Eyes & Billy Ford & Musical V-8's/Red Hot - Five Scamps/Rough And Rocky Road - Mr. Google Eyes & Billy Ford & Musical V-8's/Hot Dog - Chris Powell & Five Blue Flames/Fine Like Wine - Five Scamps/Chi (Chicago) - Jumpin' Joe Williams & Red Saunders & Orchestra/Lyin' Girl Blues - Jumpin' Joe Williams & Red Saunders & Orchestra/Gotta Find My Baby - Ravens/Let's Jump Tonight - Chuck Willis/I Want A Lavendar Cadillac - Maurice King & Wolverines/If You Ever Had The Blues - Earl Williams/Catch 'Em Young Treat 'Em Rough Tell 'Em Nothin' - Bill Davis Trio/Weekday Blues - Jumpin' Joe Williams & Red Saunders & Orchestra/My Run Around Baby - Irlton French & Chuck Thomas & All-Stars/Stuttering Blues - Five Scamps/She Did Me Wrong - Leroy Johnson/Honey I Don't Want You - Ravens/Work Baby Work - Larry Darnell/Camp Meeting - Pinnochio James/Come On Daddy (Let's Go Play Tonight) - Pearl Taylor & Chuck Thomas & All-Stars/I Feel So Good - Maurice King & Wolverines & Ruby Jackson/Three Ball Sam (The Pawn Shop Man) - Pearl Taylor & Chuck Thomas & All-Stars/Brother's Blues - Little Brother Brown; Disc 2: Hey Bartender Give That Man A Drink - Jumpin' Joe Williams & Red Saunders & Orchestra (alternate take)/Goof Boogie - Little Brother Brown/I Rule My House - Chuck Willis/Pinnochio's Blues - Pinnochio James/I'll Be Sittin' I'll Be Rockin' - Larry Darnell/It's Been A Long Time - Annie Laurie/Jump Back Honey - Hadda Brooks/Got So Much Trouble - Titus Turner/Gas Happy Mama - Royals/My Story - Chuck Willis & Royals/Gabbin' Blues - Big Maybelle/The Moondog - Treniers/Stop Talkin' And Start Walkin' - Annie Laurie/Dig This Menu Please - Red Rodney Sextet/It Ain't Nothing Happening - Paul Gayten/You Broke My Heart - Chuck Willis/Poontang - Treniers/Brook's Boogie - Hadda Brooks/Jinny Mule - Big Maybelle/Livin' In Misery - Titus Turner/Voodoo Blues - Jumpin' Joe Williams & Red Saunders & Orchestra/Bring The Money In - Bill Davis Trio/You The Kind Of Woman - Sammy Cotton/I'm In The Mood For You - Annie Laurie/Make Up Your Mind - Chuck Willis/Cow Cow Blues - Paul Gayten; Disc 3: But Officer - Cliff "King" Solomon/Give Me One More Drink - Sammy Cotton/Leave It To Me - Annie Laurie/Square Dance Boogie - Cliff "King" Solomon & Ernestine Anderson/Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash - Big John & Buzzards/One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - Big Maybelle/My Lonely Room - Titus Turner/Uh Oh (Get Out Of The Car) - Treniers (with studio talk & countoff)/Creole Alley - Paul Gayten & Lee Allen/Give Me Your Love - Larry Darnell/Bad Bad Woman - Shufflers/I'm Gettin' 'Long All Right - Big Maybelle/Oop Shoop - Big John & Buzzards/Jump Ted - Shufflers/Ocean Of Tears - Big Maybelle/Ring Ding Doo - Chuck Willis/Little Demon - Screamin' Jay Hawkins/I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins/Bacon Fat - Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm) (recorded by Fortune Records, Detroit & leased to Epic)/The Last Meal - Hurricane Harry/Let's Do The Slop - Little Joe & Thrillers/Where You Been - Lloyd Fatman/Miss Mushmouth - Lloyd Fatman (with countoff)/Wyatt Earp - Marquees & Marvin Gaye & Bo Diddley (alternate take)/Billy's Heartache - Billy Stewart & Bo Diddley (alternate take with countoff and false start)/Yellow Coat - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

E2K 66988 - Everybody Loves a Good Time: The Best of Major Lance - Major Lance [1995] (2-CD set) Disc 1: Delilah (S)/Everytime (S)/Please Don't Say No More (M)/The Monkey Time (M)/Mama Didn't Know (M)/Keep On Loving You (S)/Um Um Um Um Um Um (S)/Hey Little Girl (S)/Crying In The Rain (M)/Little Young Lover (S)/You'll Want Me Back (S)/Gonna Get Married (S)/I'm The One (S)/Gotta Right To Cry (S)/Think Nothing About It (S)/That's What Mama Say (S)/Little Miss Love (M)/Play A Song For Me (M)/It Ain't No Use (S)/Gotta Get Away (S); Disc 2: Ain't It A Shame (S)/Sweet Music (S)/Girls (S)/I Just Can't Help It (S)/Rhythm (S)/The Matador (S)/I'm So Lost (S)/Sometimes I Wonder (S)/Come See (S)/Get My Hat (Nothing Can Stop Me) (S)/Too Hot To Hold (M)/Everybody Loves A Good Time (M)/Dark And Lonely (M)/Investigate (S)/It's The Beat (S)/Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes) (M)/Without A Doubt (S)/Don't Fight It (S)/Wait Till I Get You In My Arms (S)/You Don't Want Me No More (S)

EPC 81519 - The Best of Major Lance - Major Lance [199?] Originally on vinyl, released 1976. Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes)/It's The Beat/Hey Little Girl/Rhythm/Wait Till I Get You In My Arms/Delilah/Gypsy Woman/Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um/You Don't Want Me No More/Investigate/Ain't It A Shame/The Matador/You Belong To Me My Love/Sometimes I Wonder/Girls/The Monkey Time

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