The NINCH Guide to Good Practice
in the Digital Representation and Management
of Cultural Heritage Materials


By the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII), University of Glasgow, and the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH)



I. Introduction

II. Project Planning

III. Selecting Materials: An Iterative Process

IV. Rights Management

V. Digitization and Encoding of Text

VI. Capture and Management of Images

VII. Audio/Video Capture and Management

VIII. Quality Control and Assurance

IX. Working With Others

X. Distribution

XI. Sustainability: Models for Long-Term Funding


XII. Assessment of Projects by User Evaluation

XIII. Digital Asset Management

XIV. Preservation

Appendix A: Equipment

Appendix B: Metadata

Appendix C: Digital Data Capture: Sampling


Abbreviations Used in the Guide


Interview Reports and Interview Instrument

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Seamus Ross
Ian Anderson
Celia Duffy
Maria Economou
Ann Gow
Peter McKinney
Rebecca Sharp



President: Samuel Sachs II
President-Elect: Charles Henry
Executive Director: David L. Green

NINCH Working Group on Best Practices

Chair: David L. Green
Kathe Albrecht
Morgan Cundiff
LeeEllen Friedland*
Peter Hirtle
Lorna Hughes
Katherine Jones
Mark Kornbluh
Joan Lippincott
Michael Neuman
Richard Rinehart
Thornton Staples
Jennifer Trant**

* through June 2001
** through May 1999



Copyright 2002, National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage

Version 1.0 of the First Edition, first published October, 2002