WorldCat : Open WorldCat program

A new benefit of OCLC membership: Internet searchers everywhere find your library and the things you own

The Open WorldCat program makes records of library-owned materials in OCLC's WorldCat database available to Web users on popular Internet search, bibliographic and bookselling sites. The result: OCLC member libraries are more visible on the Web, and their catalogs are more accessible from the sites where many people start their search for information.

Through Open WorldCat, libraries that participate in WorldCat-based cataloging or use other OCLC services that contribute their holdings and metadata to WorldCat (including CONTENTdm, Services for Groups and Union List) get greater exposure to information-seekers and increased access to their online catalog and other Web-based resources.

What Web users experience

Open WorldCat makes WorldCat records available to a variety of Web search tools with one goal in mind: help users outside the library environment find library-owned materials.
A Web user visits a site such as Yahoo! Search or Google and enters a search phrase that matches the title of a library-owned item. The returned search results include a link to the Open WorldCat "Find in a Library" interface, where they can enter geographic information that helps them locate the item at a library in their city, region or country.

Web users can also find Open WorldCat built into popular search applications. A special version of the Yahoo! Toolbar provides an ever-present browser pane with links to Yahoo! services and input box for direct search of WorldCat libraries.

Promoting the value of libraries

"Opening" WorldCat records to the Web helps libraries and other institutions provide a fast, convenient service to current and potential users through familiar Web channels. Open WorldCat points more people—even those who don't typically visit libraries—to library collections as a first source of information. It promotes the value of libraries on a scale greater than any library or group could achieve alone.

Keep your collection exposed in Open WorldCat: Maintain a subscription to WorldCat on FirstSearch by June 30, 2005
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