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Information is being produced in greater quantities and with greater frequency than at any time in history. Electronic media, especially the Internet, make it possible for almost anyone to become a "publisher." How will society preserve this information and make it available to future generations? How will libraries and other repositories classify this information so that their patrons can find it with the same ease that they can locate a book on a shelf?

These questions and others are being addressed by a program led by the Library of Congress and including a host of other participants from the public and private sectors. The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, or Digital Preservation Program for short, has been generously funded by the U.S. Congress and will seek gifts and in-kind donations to achieve its mission.

The ease with which electronic information can be created and "published" makes much of what is available today, gone tomorrow. Thus there is an urgent need to preserve this information before it is forever lost.
New Sections Available on This Site
The Digital Preservation Web site now offers a new section, called “Cooperative Partnerships,” with extensive information relating to the $14 million in awards that NDIIPP made last September to eight institutions and their collaborators. Here, you will find an article on “Building Preservation Partnerships”; a report on the partners’ kickoff meeting; interviews with the partners, with Library of Congress staff working with them and with experts in the field; detailed descriptions of the eight projects; and links to the partners’ Web sites. Elsewhere, there is an expanded Calendar in the “News & Events” section, as well as a new Newsletter with information about the work that staff of the Library are doing in the digital-preservation arena. In the “Reports & Papers” section, go to the link called “Presentations” to see new presentations, including one delivered at a Digital Library Federation meeting on the Archive Ingest and Handling Test, which is designed to identify, document and disseminate working methods for preserving the nation’s increasingly important digital cultural materials, as well as to identify areas that may require further research or development.

NDIIPP Holds First Partnership Meeting
The kick-off meeting for the formal NDIIPP partners was held at the Library in January. Click here to read more.

Digital Preservation Program Collaborating with U.S. States, Territories
Library of Congress helping to explore preservation needs for State government digital information. Click here to read more.

NDIIPP Makes Awards of $14 Million to 8 Institutions Press release

The National Strategy Advisory Board convened on June 28, 2004, in Washington, D.C. Presentations in Powerpoint, as well as a Webcast, are now available.

Digital Preservation Program Launches Research Grants Initiative
Library of Congress Partners with National Science Foundation. Click here to read more.

Library of Congress Announces Joint Digital Preservation Project With Four Universities
Library to Work with Old Dominion, Johns Hopkins, Stanford and Harvard Universities. Click here to read more.