Will Jarvis will give the next Seminar About Long-term Thinking on Friday, May 13th. The subject will be "Time Capsule Behavior". The lecture is at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco, coffee at 7pm, the talk will be at 7:30. Admission is free.

Seminars About Long Term Thinking .Coffee will be served at 7pm, the talk will begin at 7:30pm.

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Update: Sponsored by the Foundation For The Future, Long Now has designed an open source Timeline tool.
Brian Eno's latest CD composed of bells designed for the 10,000 Year Clock is now shipping from the Long Now web store. We have also added a shopping basket feature for easier ordering.

The Long Now Foundation's Rosetta Project website is now the largest collection of linguistic data on the Net. You can view, comment or add to the material we have collected in over 1200 languages.

On the Long Bets web site you can make predictions or bets about future events of importance. We now have lower betting minimums, voting, and discussions.
  There are several translation efforts underway of this site.
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