crop Edenton Women

Society of Patriotic Women at Edenton, North Carolina [1774]

Paula Petrik, Professor of History and Art History, George Mason University



  1. Look at the image carefully and answer the following questions:
    1. What are the women at the table doing?
    2. What is happening under the table?
    3. What other activities are the other women in the room engaged in?
  2. According to the cartoonist, what happens to women who engage in politics?
  3. Patriots circumvented many of the early British tax measures by engaging in non-importation of the taxable goods—they refused to import the merchandise. The boycotts, however, were non-consumption strategies—colonists refused to buy or use the products. In this light, answer the following:
    1. Evaluate the effectiveness of a non-importation strategy versus a non-consumption strategy on the British economy.
    2. Assess women’s importance in of colonial women’s contribution to each of these strategies.
  4. What does the cartoon suggest about British attitudes toward patriot activism in the colonies?

Updated | April 2004


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