Introduction Assignment Resources


Michael O'Malley, Associate Professor of History and Art History, George Mason University

Example 2

There are fifteen other images of Joe, and I quickly learn that Joe Esposito met his untimely demise at the hands of mobster Al Capone in 1928. Below is an image of Esposito's funeral.

Here is an image of Esposito possibly dispensing charity in 1925. Joe Esposito giving charity to children in a diner.

And this image of Esposito and his family in a restaurant in 1922, looking harmless indeed. Joe Esposito dining with his family.

Then there is also this very different image of Esposito in 1914. He has been in a fight--his pants are torn, his shoes are scuffed, he is much thinner and does not look so prosperous. I assume he is at a police station. I suppose he could be a criminal—he has a harder look to him. Joe Esposito in a police station, with torn, dirty clothes.